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21/HPP – (2) WHAT IS A REAL NUWAUPIAN OR EGIPTIAN MOOR? Truths BY: Atum-Re / When I use the word Nubians and or “Blacks”, I do not mean only a woolly-haired person born in the small territory in Africa called Nubia, Ethiopia today. I mean a woolly-haired “Black” person born anywhere in the universe. The root of the word “Ethiopia” is (Ether); in middle English it means “upper air” or from Latin (Aether) and in Greek “Aither”. (Ghost) is “lower” and (Ether) is “upper” or the Highest- “ANU” or “ON”. It’s all about breath, and breathing “Khayyeem” as found in the Torah or Bible in Hebrew, Genesis 2:7 as Neshawmah-“khayeem” which is “Ether”, Divine Spirit “forever”. And “Khay” (Life) in Genesis 2:8 as Nephesh-“Khay” which is for (Ghost). “Ether” is the creative power that the “SUN” and other true “Stars” produce and emanate. When this planet was forming and was in a state of desolation or void and darkness, there were “Forces” that were on this planet, in Jeremiah 4:23; These “Forces” were “9-Ether”. These (Black) “Forces” created life in the water first; Hydrocarbons were present in these waters. Hydrocarbon is simple methane or benzene gas that only contains hydrogen and carbon. And the Hydro-carbon from “hudor” means (we) or (water). And carbon from the “carbo-charcoal” means (Black). So now these (Black) “Gases” of “9-Ether” are the celestial origin of all “Ethiopians-Blacks”, being behind the “Nine” Ball or the ‘9’ known planets of the new star solar system. We as “Etherians” were trapped within the “Earth” atmosphere, because we breathe in bad air, until the year 2,000, which is 6,000 years, the end of “Apophis” rule. You are “9-Ether” Beings behind the “9-Ball”, who are called “Blacks”; And all Nuwaupians are from the original “Nuwbuns” born (Black) As (Coal). For ”9-Ether” is what produced the “Pygmy” (Kishites / Cushites ) also known as ‘Zulu’ or ‘Lulu’; The Ancestral “Tree” of all “woolly-haired” people who were of the pre-dynastic “Tama-Re” (Egipt). Accordingly, by Greek philosopher, such as Diodonus states how the “Ethiopians” are (Egiptians) and I quote: And upon his return to Greece, they gather around and asked; Tell us about this great land of the “Blacks” called (Ethiopia). And Herodotus said, there are two great “Ethiopian” Nations, one in Sind (India) and the other in “Egipt”. Now even the God of the Bible is from “Egipt” as found in Hosea 12:9. And I am the “Lord” thy God from the land of “Egipt”. At one time, all of Africa and surrounding lands, before the parting of Africa; From Asia and other territories, were called “Ethiopia” or Ether-Utopia in Genesis 2:13. Kuwsh, called Kish in Pre-Bible time, is now El Habasha and the Atlantic Ocean was called the Ethiopia Ocean. There is only one ocean and many land masses. Before the separation of the land due to an explosion and continental drift; The masses were all one, called Ganawa. (Truth) Is (Truth) BY Atum-RE

22/HPP – (2) Therefore, there are two Kuwsh – (Cush). The Kuwsh – (Cush) mentioned in Genesis 10:6 Kuwsh, son of Ham, came many years after the Kuwsh in Genesis Chapter 2: verse 13; which translates as “Ethiopian” which is a name that gives woolly-haired people their celestial origin, terrestrial origin, and ancestral origin. Hence, Ethiopia “Utopia” was the best all around name for the mentally resurrected woolly-haired people, untill “Nuwau-Pu”, by the power of “9-Ether”, which gave you “Blacks” new-cycle name (Nuwaupians), New Beings. Truth Is Truth By Atum-Re

Pa Tama-Reyeaat “The Egiptians” (Blacks), and Pa Heka-Khasut, “Israelites” Gews, Grews-Greeks had a war around 1600 B.C. And Pa Tama-Reyeaat “The Egiptians” lead by Moses (Thutmose – I), according to the Egiptian Mysteries that is, the A’aferti “Pharaoh” (Thutmose – I), defeated the Greeks Grews-Jews from Javan-(Yawan) in Hebrew, under the command of A’aferti “Pharoah” Ahmose and A’aferti “Pharoah” Kamose; who names are from Mose. Mosheh in Hebrew and Musa in Arabic. Mose in Egiptian meaning “child”. A’aferti “Pharoah” Ahmose and A’aferti “Pharoah” Kamose returned them, Pa Heka-Khasut Captive Shephards, Captives of Kings, or Chieftan of Foreign Lands, back across the burning sands on up into the caves of Asia Caucas-asian with great control until around 600 – 700 B.C.; Then its rule begin to weaken and the Heka-Khasut began to gain strength. Their ‘Moon’ God, Yahweh as found in Isaiah Chapter 43: verse 3, gave Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt” to us as a Kopher – Ramson. For I am the Yahuwa, your Eloh, the Holy One of Israel, your savior. I gave Egipt for your ramson, Ethiopia and Seba for you. Right Translation in Hebrew By: Neter A’aferti Atum-Re. Mistranslation in King James 1611 A.D. For I am the Lord Thy God, the Holy One of Israel, the savior. I gave Egipt for thy ramson, Ethiopia and Seba for thee. Notice how this quote is making reference to Ethiopia and Seba as Egiptians. The word used for Ethiopia again is Kuwsh and Seba is the first son of Cush “Kuwsh” as found in Genesis Chapter 10: verse 7, which again shows the Ancient Egiptians are the same as Ethiopians. By 200 – 300 B.C. the Tama’-Huaat had control of Tama-Reye “Egiptian” territory including Tama-Re “Egipt” itself; And they started suppressing the Tama-Reye “Egiptian” culture, which was called then, “Pantheism”; And persecuting those who maintain it. “Pantheism” is the study of “EL” or the (ELUL) THE CREATOR OF “MOTHER” AS NATURE. And working through “MOTHER” NATURE. Nature is NETER “God”. The forces of nature are “MOTHER” NATURE, which controls birth of everything. So any new idea of existence must pass through Mother “Nature’s” permission first, to get to this realm or manifest, as in manifesting the planet. Mother “Nature” brings man about, and she also created the ‘God’ Man or good-man. Pan-Theos, Pan is Hermes, that’s Tehuti or Thoth of Tama-Re “Egipt”, and there is Tawaret-Theoris Goddess of women, child birth in Tama-Re “Egipt”; From the book “Comprehensive Dictionary of the God’s by Anne S. Baumgartner. So true “Pantheism” is from Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”. It is your ancient way of life. “Pantheism”, the secret wisdom of Tehuti-Thoth or Hermes is just a word, and a poor one at that. For being in tune with nature, it was the religion of Adam and Abraham and the Ancient Phoenicians of Nod or Lebanon, “Labana” also taken from Egipt. The Tama’-Hu suppressed the Tama-Reye “Egiptian” culture by taking certain books out of circulation, burning others. Forbidding the adherents followers to practice it, and killing off the Tama-Reye Waabaat “Egiptian Priests” and Prophets in Matthew Chapter 23: verse 35, who protested and resisted. Zachariah, Tama-Reyeun (Waab) an “Egiptian Priest” of high rank, was murdered before the end of that suppression. The so called killing of Jesus of 2,000 years ago was supposed to end “Pantheism”. Tama’-Hu thought by killing Yashu’a “Savior”, who is equivalent to Tut Ankh Atun (King Tut) of Tama-Re “Egipt”, who was sent to find and save the (lost) Tribe of Judah “Only”. Apophis thought that by eliminating this “Savior”, they would cut off the link of the Ethiopian-People, called “Kuwshites” or (Nubuns) in Aswan; or “Yahuda” from (Huda), “Haadi”- from – (Al Mahdiyya) “Habiru”- (Hebrew), or “Aksum” (Axum), Ethiopia, “Ether-Utopia”. However, as the forces of nature protected them, these people were in “Egipt” as the “Biga” or (Hadendawa) in Sudan, as the “Mahidiyya” living in Dongola, Nubia. They were also the remainders of the pure seed of the “Real Israelites”. Many refer to Ethiopia as the kingdom of Meroe and Napata, but actually the official name is Kuwsh. So called scholars who were trying to hide the fact that these are all the same people, use various names. The Pa tama’-Hu man’s “Motto” has been (Divide) and (Conquer) since the beginning of his time. When you kill off a person, you kill off his whole race. That is what he refers to as “Genocide” (Gene-Ocide). Remember the whole family lives on through “Pro-Creation”. Therefore, they called the death of Jesus, the death of the “God Pan”, also called (Faunus). Pan is the “Goat God”; and is celebrated December 25th, as the birthday of Jesus every year, because Pan-(Capricorn) of the Zodiac is reborn every December around that time, and the “goat” is used in “Satan” Worship. That’s why both Jesus and Lucifer are called the “Bright” Morning “Star” / In Isaiah Chapter 14: verse 12; For “Lucifer”, the Devil, as the son of the morning. And in Revelation Chapter 22: verse 16; I Jesus have sent my angel. I am the root of David and the “Bright” and Morning “Star”. For the son of God, (Ja-Zeus) Jesus was considered to be a Capricorn, the scapegoat found as Azazl in Leviticus Chapter 10: verse 26, and Chapter 16: verse 8. The name of the man called Jesus was “Issa” in the Qur’an / “Koran”. This same person was known as Saint Isa in Kishmir, India. “Issa” or Panthera or “Yashu’a” of the Torah, or Cleophas. “Panthera” is a word which refers to the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egipt. The big cat, “holistic” cat or (Catholic); The first Roman branch of “Christism” or the Lion of Judah, with the “Astrological” Sign, “Leo”. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re.

23/HPP – (2) QUESTION: WHO WERE THE PHYSICAL FATHER AND MOTHER OF JESUS, ISSA PANTHERA, AND WHERE WAS HE KILLED, AND WHAT HAPPEN TO HIS BODY? THE ANSWERS BY: Atum-Re. First things first. There was more than one Jesus / (“3”) Let’s deal with them one by one. Cleophas, which means “my exchange”. In other words, exchange one Jesus for another, called “Jesus -Justus”, Colossians Chapter 4: verse 11. Also was Saint Isa, the son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony-Marcus Antonius. This Jesus was born December 25th, 1- A.D. He was not accepted by the Tama-Reaat “Egiptians” nor the Pa Tama’-Hu “Romans”, because of his mixed blood. And because of this, Cleophas became very vexed; He became an evangelist, that is a messenger, and set out to teach the Phoenicians that he was their King as in King of the Jews, in Matthew Chapter 2: verse 2. He traveled mostly in India and studied there in the mystery schools. There is a reference made about him as St. Issa in the Upanishads, the Hindu Tablets as an Avatara, an incarnation of God in flesh or God in the personage of Christ, which tells about the God who came to Earth. They were hermaphrodites in appearance, even part animal, covered in fur. These Hindu Tablets called the Upanishads were recorded thousands of years before those of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; Yet, they have a “Krishna” or (Christ) that was crucified long before the Bible and Koran were created. There is also a group of hairy beings who came down to the planet Earth from the 6th star constellation Septu “Sirius”, which is located just below Orion, who they were known as the “Shaggy People” or the Shaggies; who are the (dog) ‘people’ from the (dog) ‘star’, “Sirius”. So they love the dog like one of their own family members, and will eat, sleep, and kiss them on the mouth. One of the “Shaggy” ‘People’ was called Enkidu, the ruler of the Ancient Babylonian city of Uruk, the Bible (Erech) “Long”, in Genesis Chapter 10: verse 10, northeast of Ur of Chaldea toward Babylon. He was a friend of Gilgamesh, who was 2/3 ELOHEEM & 1/3 HUMAN. You can find his descendants in Afghanistan today.The Seirian, Shaggies were covered with hair all over their bodies and stood 7 to 9 feet tall. Today it is called a “Sasquatch” a Yeti or a Big Foot. The disease is called “hirsutism”. You can go to any pool or beach today and see Pa Tama’-Hu, the (Europeans) who are descendants from this race of hairy beings with hair all over their bodies with connecting eyebrows. There is also hair all over their back and shoulders. they came to Ta “Earth” from their planet for sport of hunting dinosaurs, killing just for sports and fun. It’s their nature to kill and the Tama’-Hu man is still the only race that hunts and kill for sports and fun. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re.

24/HPP – (2) However, when they came, they were captured and used as slaves, by the ELOHEEM OR NETERU in Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”. The Shaggies were too aggressive to be workers for the ELOHEEM: ENQI, NINTI, NERGAL “Ruler of the underworld”, and his wife ARISKERGAL, WHO WERE THE CHILDREN OF “ANU”; HE WHO IS (ABOVE) “THE HEAVENLY ONE”. THE “YAHUWA” OF THE (ELOHEEM)”YAHWEHANS” OF THE “9-ETHER” OR NEW BEINGS. You have the (agreeable)-Yahweh and the (disagreeable)-Yahweh or Neteraat, “Anunnaqi”, who were scientists as well as astrologers. These aggressive Shaggy beings were cross-bred with a docile, yet civilized tribe of beings who evolved from the algae of the water and were called Ptahites; also known as the Pygmies, the little people. Zulu, Lulu and the Kishites / Kushites. The product of this combinations was the Homo Erectus. These beings were not able to pro-create by themselves, so the scientists mixed in the blood of the ELOHEEM called Shiru. One of the scientists in particularly named Ninti, the sister of Enlil and Enqi, took her blood along with the blood of the Homo Erectus and bred the Homo Sapien. Your (Black-Skin) Adam-“Zakar” and “Eve”-(Nekaybaw) Genesis Chapter 1: verse 27, a race of male and female “Adamites”, whose children were utilized as workers in the gold mines of South Africa, as mentioned in Genesis Chapter 2: verses 11, 12 in part: The whole land of Havilah, where there is gold, and the gold in that land is good. As previously stated, the mother of “Jesus Cleophas” (Jesus-Justus) was a Black Phoenician woman of Nod, Lebonon, Urat “Female Ruler” named Cleopatra of Tama-Re “Egipt” who had children, but was unmarried. This fact made it easier for the Tama’-Huaat to state that this Jesus had no human father. Yet, the physical father of this Jesus was a high-ranking Roman soldier, a general, named Mark Anthony of the “ghost” (race), the “white” (race), as previously said, who was one of the Roman Triumvir, which is a three person ruling body. The mother of Jesus-Justus was Cleopatra Uratun “A Female Ruler” of Tama-Re “Egipt”, a well known notorious person, even today. And his father was Marcus Antonius, better known as Mark Anthony was a war-monger. Cleopatra was also responsible for lifting the ban and reopening the land of Egipt to foreign people. All the Tama’Huaat are personifications of ghosts, because they were bleached or “ghostized” as (Albinos) by the curse of Canaan in Genesis Chapter 9: verse 25, or mixing with his seed in Genesis Chapter 28: verse 6 by Amam “Leviathan” using the ghost process when they were being extracted from the original Black Phoenicians in the land of Nod-“Wandering” where, Noah’s family lived as found in Genesis Chapter 4: verse 15. Therefore, Mark Anthony, being Tama’-Hu as ghost or as pale as a ghost, as they say, was ghost in person and being noble made him a holy ghost in Rome, a noble spirit. Hence; When he impregnated Cleopatra, the ghost had overshadowed Cleopatra “Mary” as in the tale of Matthew Chapter 1: verses 18 thru 20. When the Bible speaks of a holy ghost, most of you have an impression that it is referring to an angel or the Angel Gabriel, when it has to do with breathing. When you are no longer breathing, you are dead. The point of death is when ether is ghost. So when they say “he gave up the “ghost” in John Chapter 19: verse 30, they are talking about the breath of life that was breathed into the lungs of man by the ELOHEEM, and so man was made a (living) “soul”, as it says in Genesis Chapter 2: verse 7. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. And a “Yahuwa” of the Eloheem shaped Kadmon, the Adam, from Ninti’s clot of granulated blood, dust from the ground-(earthling). They gave him the breath of “Divine” Life and Kadmon, the Adam, was born a living spirit. THE  RIGHT TRANSLATION BY ATUM-RE (ARAMIC)-“HEBREW” In the Hebrew, the word for living soul or “Divine” (Breath) is “Neshawmaw”. When Adam was originally born as a Nefesh-Khay (Living) “Soul”. He was given the “Neshawmaw / Khayyeem” (Breath) of Life; That was blown into his nostrils, as stated earlier. When you look up the word for breath in the New Testament, Matthew 1:18 you will see “pneuma” meaning (breath-wind) or “spirit”, and when you look up the same word “pneuma” in the American Heritage Dictionary, you will see “soul” or vital “spirit”. This root word is found in the word “pneumonia”, which originated from an alteration in the word “pleumonia”, from pleumon, which means lung. Compare this word with the word “pneumonia”, which is a chronic disease marked by the inflammation of the lung, that causes viruses, etc. Your lungs are used to breathe in air or breath, and without oxygen you would die or become as ghost-dead. The word ghost can be found in Genesis Chapter 25: verse 8 in the Bible as Gaw-wah. Notice how close the spelling of the word is to “Yahweh” and Gaw-wah are. this is where god came from as in the “ghost god”, that they worship and have so many of you worshiping also. The word ghost comes from middle English gost, from old English gost, breath, spirit. they worship this “Divine Force” because they cannot and do not have it. You as “Ether People” have this “Divine” (Breath) of ‘life’, the ‘Soul’ and ‘Spirit’. They only have spirit. The Neter “Supreme Being” is inside of you. They have you looking for “God” outside of you, while they are worshiping the “God” in you all of the time. They are absorbing from you, as much of that “Breath” your ‘life’ giving “Ether”, your essence, as they can. That’s why they claimed to hate you, as “Ether People” so much. Yet, they like to put their hands on you. Have you ever noticed how a “ghost” person breathes different than an ‘‘ether” person? Did you notice how they breathe in your breath, as you breathe out? Again trying to get that “Divine” (Breath) that they are not entitled to. We are at the end of the “evolutionary” cycle, where the ghost people, Pa tuta were supposed to be civilized. It is something that (cannot) be done. The scientists and the Eloheem have tried to civilize this being and have realized these (ghost) ‘people’ are not “civilizi-able”. With this, the evolutionary cycle is thrown in reverse and now a revolutionary cycle will start for us as ‘ether people’. It is important that you “MY People” break the spell of Amam “Leviathan” that has been on us for so many years. These stories you find in Christianity and in your Bible and Koran are found in Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”. The story is repeated and replaced in different cultures. The names are changed, but the root or theme of the story stays the same. You can wake-up from this spell; But you must make that decision within yourself. This Right Knowledge Series, along with many others, will help you break this spell. You must over-stand that the Caucasian history is mixed up, falsely and ironically written to hide facts, to mislead and to deceive. Although, the Phoenicians meaning “purple” are of all races, originally they were from what was called Uruk and later Chaldea in the Persian Gulf today. Truth Is Truth By Atum-Re

25/HPP – (2) THE ORIGINAL BEINGS / The original Phoenicians, Blacks, were eventually scattered and powerless by 200-300 B.C.; yet the Romans and Jews and other Greeks, who were controlling Tama-Re “Egipt” at the time, allowed the figure head-puppet Kings and Queens of original Phoenician Ancestry to continue to sat on the throne of Egipt until this Jesus was rejected as an A’aferti “Pharaoh”. The same way Pa Tama’-Hu (Albinos) seed, set up and controlled parrot rulers and puppet establishments in these times. They did the same in those times until revolutionary forces moved in and moved them out. This occurred with the Nuwaupian, Black A’aferti “Pharaoh” Taa II, Senkhtenre, Taa II son of Taa I, Senkhtenre Tao I, Taa Ken who was killed in battle. The fight was continued by his oldest son Kamose and completed by his top military man Ahmose, son of Ebana. Under their reign of Ancient “Tama-Re” was taken out of the hands of Pa Heka-Khasut Hyksos – Captive Kings and returned back into the hands of Nuwaupian, Black rule. After Jesus-Justus, Cleophas was denied the throne of Tama-Re “Egipt”, because he was mixed with Roman blood and failed in his attempt to rally the Phoenicians to unity and power as they once were. And he left Tama-Re “Egipt” at age 13. So when he became a man by law, he traveled to India as Saint Isa, where he lived until age 26. Then he came back through the land of Israel. Then back to Tama-Re “Egipt”; And then returned to India and died in Kashmir at age 71. He is buried in a tomb in Stringer in India. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re.

26/HPP – (2) Then there is “Jesus”, (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago, the son of Mary and adopted son of Joseph- the carpenter’s son Mark Chapter 6: verse 3. This is: THE (REAL) JESUS. He was born June 6, 7-A.D. , and was father by the “HOLY SOUL” or (Gabriel), one of the seven Ark Angels. This is the “Immaculate Conception” that was taken from the true accounted of Aset “Isis” and her son, Haru “Horus” as recorded in the Egiptian Mysteries. When he was a baby, his parents had to take him to Tama-Re “Egipt” to keep him from being killed by Herod, the ruler of Judea. (Yashu’a), “Jesus” of 2,000 years ago, then came back to Judea, Jerusalem after Herod “heroic” died. At this time he was 11 years old. He was the one in the temple at 13 years old, where he impressed the elders with the knowledge that he had gained in the mystery schools of Tama-Re “Egipt”, before coming back to Jerusalem; Once Herod was dead, Matthew Chapter 2: verse 19. Herod was the son of Antipater. Like the father and Idumaca, red race or Edomites. This (Yashu’a) “Jesus”; Eventually left Mary and Joseph to start his mission. He taught in Israel that he was to gather “only” the (lost) seed of (Judah), Matthew Chapter 15: verse 24. The other tribes like the Levites, hated him because of that. So when he was 33 years old, they set out to kill him on the cross. He escaped and the (scapegoat) name (Judas) was crucified in his place. “Jesus”(Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago returned to Tama-Re “Egipt” and lived there from 33 to 120 years of age, in the Ancient Egiptian Order (A.E.O.), under Tehuti; then he died on top of the pyramid at Giza, which is a ritual in that sacred order. From this event comes the expression “x mark the spot” the spot of death and burial for this Jesus. It is written that this Jesus was put to death at a place called Golgatha, meaning “Skull”. The great pyramid at Giza, Egipt, is a sepulcher, ritual tomb of the dead. Ritual of Asaru’s “Osiris” death and resurrection. So when the Tama’-Hu religion of Christianity teaches that they put this Jesus to death upon a cross; He really died on top of the pyramid, in the pyramid ritual of Asaru “Osiris”. What happen to the body of this Jesus, is the same thing that happened to all Nuwaupian A’aferti “Black Pharaohs”, before this Jesus. The bodies of all Nuwaupian “Black” (Pharaohs) were mummified, including the body of the (Pharaoh) “Jesus-Justus”, that is, Issa Panthera or Cleophas. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re

27/HPP – (2) The Jesus of 2,000 years ago had a son called Simon Bar Jesus in Acts Chapter 8: verses 9 thru 11 & Chapter 13: verse 6. The meaning of “Bar” is (son) in Aramic- (Hebrew); So you get “Bar-Jesus” the son of Jesus, or the son of god by his wife (Mary)-“Rebellion”, (Magdalene)-“A Tower”. He was born September 17, 28- A.D. in Bethany “House of Dates” (Betharaba). The ‘Third’ Jesus” is Simon Bar-Jesus who was born during the period of time when Jesus of 2,000 years ago had aspirations of his son Bar-Jesus becoming a great teacher. But this Jesus – (Simon) got caught up in spookism and went out to teach his own doctrine. In Acts Chapter 8: verse 9, it was his bewitching of the people that made him a man of miracles. Jesus of 2,000 years ago, followers, referred to Bar-Jesus as a Magus “wise man” or (sorcerer). He was caught up with the rituals and practices of Kabalahism, and from these practices he became a well-known sorcerer. His father had taught him about magic in the Magi, and more information that he was supposed to know at such a young age, when he had not gone through the schools of thought that would have render him worthy of such information. Therefore, he abused the knowledge he had and changed information around from the teaching of his father to his advantage, which eventually lead to his death. Simon Bar-Jesus had many followers, Paul was one of them. Bar-Jesus was of the real tribe of “Judah” like his father, Jesus of 2,000 years ago. Simon Bar-Jesus perform miracles and was even called “not the real prophet”, unlike his father who was considered a prophet. He was eventually found guilty of being a sorcerer and a false prophet. After his said death by crucifixion; Simon Bar Jesus body was taken to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, where he was buried in 61-A.D. after converting Tama’-Huaat (Europeans) called “Gentiles”. Something his father said not to do. Simon Bar-Jesus taught in Greece and Syria, where they got the name “Christian” in Acts Chapter 11: verse 26. And was crucified in Rome at the age of 33. His body was taken to Rome for the benefit and perpetuation of Christianity. He is the “Jesus” (Christ) of Christianity, the metaphysical “Jesus”. Since Simon Bar-Jesus went and taught the ghost (people), those other than self and kind, was left open to be possessed by the spirit forces of ghost ether or 6-ether forces, which gave him the power to perform his magic. That is why many people in churches are possessed by evil spirits, who have them speaking mumbo jumbo calling it tongues. These poor souls are possessed by “legions” of “demons” from the “6-ether” evil spirit (forces), not the Holy (Ghost) or Holy Spirit like many believe. This evil spirit will possess you; But wont improve your life’s health or living conditions. You will stay poor, while the church gets rich, because that is their ‘white’ magic, spirit, spooks (ghost) force in the Christian and Muslim churches. They call it Holy (Ghost); Holy Dead Thing. At the time of Simon Bar-Jesus death, those same forces that gave him the power to perform miracles, left him before his death, preventing him from saving himself. These forces of “6-ether”, had only used him to extend the time the Apophis had to rule for another 2,000 years, which was up as of the year 2000 A.D., which also marks the coming in of the “Sun” cycle. Yet and still, this Jesus was a Nuwaupian “Black” and they have you worshipping a Tama’-Hu Jesus, a (white-man) and loving other than yourself, and will desert you once you have served their purpose, they have no need of you. You are and were the “God” that was (worshiped). (Ghost) ether or (6-ether) can’t be “9-ether”, the force that grew the Universes. You are the (sleeping) “god” that has been placed so far under the spell, that you have no idea of your origin. However; You will remember your origin under the guidance of the Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.) TO NOW WAKE UP TO SELF AND KIND: BY Atum-Re “Truth” Is “Truth”

28/HPP – (2) Simon Bar-Jesus mother was also called “Mary”, but it was (Mary Magdalene), who was the wife of the “Jesus” (Yashu’a) 2,000 years ago. It was Mary Magdalene’s (wedding) “reception” that was at “Cana”, John Chapter 2: verses 1 thru 11. If it wasn’t “his wedding reception, why was his mother there? If they were just guests, why was she so concerned about the wine running out? Why was “Jesus” (Yashu’a) and his disciples there? There is never any mention of the name of the (bride and groom). The “Nicean Council” purposely went out of their way to leave out all names, but Mary and “Jesus” (Yashu’a). What was the reason that this “Jesus” (Yashu’a) went to this wedding? Or his disciples? “Jesus” (Yashu’a)’s character type throughout the Bible does not seem like the type of guy who goes to weddings, unless the wedding was his own. Do you understand? As a matter of fact, “Jesus” (Yashu’a) the son of Mary, had two wives. His other wife’s name was “Martha”, Mary sister. You know “Jesus (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago was married, because there are many places where it tells you in the Holy Bible where “Jesus” (Yashu’a) spent the night at Mary’s and Martha house. Matthew Chapter 21: verse 17, & Luke Chapter 10: verses 38-42 & Chapter 24: verse 50. And John Chapter 11: verse 18 & Chapter 12 : verses 1 thru 9. They lived in Bethabara, which means “House of Preparation”, John Chapter 1: verse 28, & John Chapter 11: verse 15, speaks of this “Jesus” (Yashu’a)’s love of Martha; how much he loved Mary and their brother “Lazarus”. Here it shows you a story where Martha gets jealous of Mary; because Martha is preparing dinner for “Jesus” (Yashu’a), and her sister “Mary” is sitting under “Jesus” (Yashu’a). So Martha goes to “Jesus” (Yashu’a) and says to him; tell Mary to go do some work. “Jesus” (Yashu’a) tells Martha to leave Mary alone, Luke Chapter 10: verses 38-42. Another example was after the incident at the “Garden of Gethsemane”, when “Mary Magdalene” heard that her husband did not have a proper Judaic burial, because this body of the (scapegoat-Judas) had been buried in a hurry. Yes, it is true, the body of “Judas” the (scapegoat), had already been moved by “Jesus” (Yashu’a) secret disciples who were Nicodemous and Joseph of Arimathea. She, Mary Magdalene, was coming to the tomb in the morning after the Sabbath, in hopes to wash his body, that she thought was her husband, and put coins on his eyes and wrap his body, John Chapter 20:11. According to Judaic law, a woman is only allowed to do this if she is married or related to the Rabbi, because then she would have to be looking on his private parts; and that would be a violation of the books of Leviticus Chapter:19. Yes, she followed the laws of Leviticus. You know this, because she waited until after the Sabbath to come to the tomb. So, when you look more closely at the New Testament, you will find that there are “Three” Jesus’s as previously mentioned. / 1st-(Yashu’a) Bar Maryam “Jesus” the son of Mary and Gabriel; The “True” (One), A “Messiah” John Chapter 1: verse 45. / 2nd-(Simon) Bar-Jesus, the son of (Yashu’a) “Jesus” and “Mary” (Magdalene). This (Simon) Bar-Jesus is the “Christ” of (Christianity)–Acts Chapter 13: verse 6. / 3rd-(Cleophas), “Justus-Jesus” Saint Issa, the son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony- Holy-(Ghost)- Colossians Chapter 4: verse 11. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re


ANSWERED BY: Atum-RE. The Tama’-Hu race has taken full advantage of antiquity, by hiding facts, so that the lapse of time would seal them. Because of course, no one living now, lived at that time, except in the person of your ancestors, who have been dead centuries ago. He hides them right in the library or “where their lies are buried”. Even if someone would put the body of Jesus on public view, after two thousand years and call it Jesus or someone else well known at that time. By what means, after so many years, would anyone prove or disprove it? The point is, you-Nuwaupian, Black people, have been under the spell of their religion, for far too long, with their white god, white prophecy, white apostle and white angels. Give it back. It was all a white lie. The first, great white lie was told to you by your Black Parents, when they told you to write a letter to a white man, asking for something, for nothing; That was Santa Claus. NOW CHECK THIS OUT: SANTA / SATANSAME LETTERS

This is that great white hope; “white magic”, that has been forced upon us as a people for centuries. If your Black Parents will teach you this lie, then any one else will lie to you, also; To help enforce “white magic”. This spell has not only clouded your thinking, but it also has blocked you from your own liberation. You are unable to see the mistakes in the so-called “Holy Scriptures” you believe in, and you actually allow your lives to be governed by ‘books’ of the ‘dead’ people or ‘books’ of ‘ghost’, what so many of you call Holy Scriptures such as: The Torah, Qur’an “Koran”, Hadith and Talmud. In these same Holy Scriptures, people actually kill other people because: “I” believe something different than “you”. The word “believe”, is part of the problem. To believe in something is to accept something without proof. There was a time when a Nuwaupian man’s word was his bond, but that was a time in ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, a time when there were no wars; There was a natural harmony, where people worked together naturally because of common interests. However, it has been along time since the usurpation, or unlawful seizure, of the throne of Tama-Re “Egipt”, and the trickery of the Tama’-Hu man, was put upon the Nuwaupians, Blacks. However, now this is a thing of the past. You will regain your 9-mind. I cannot stress to you enough, do not accept, do not believe anything as true, if it has not been proven to you beyond a shadow of doubt. It is time for the minds of the sleeping gods “Black” God-Man and God-Woman to Awaken, and Break the Spell of Amam “Leviathan” of Sleep, that has prevented you from taking your rightful place as Urat “Rulers” and creators of this planet; Or as one great man said: “Makers”, owners, cream of the planet earth, Gods of the Universe. The “Sun” cycle is in. Reclaim what has always been yours. Find your way home to Tama-Re “Egipt”. Home to your descendants: Re, Asaru, Sutukh, Hat-Haru, Geb, Nut, Aset, Nebt-Hut, Tefnut and Shu who are your spiritual or Etheric parents. The 9-Ether beings will guide you along the path once you have planted your feet firm. You will find love of self and kind in The Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.), a solution to the Spell. Once you have committed yourself to love of self and kind, half the battle is won. Take that step through Pa Sebkhet “The Pylon”, never turning back. Only through progressing forward can you make that complete cycle in life and move on through another level. The Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.) can take you to the next level, where you will return to your right state of mind again. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re