The Words Of Truth In The Holy Bible Of The Scriptures Of Truth Are Now Being Reveal By Me, The Son Of Man; (HPP) High Priest Prophet In The Order Of Melchizedek, “Forever”.
1st Timothy 6: verse 15; Which In his times, he shall show who is the blessed and only Potentate, The “King” of Kings and “Lord” of Lords.

The truth is being reveal about who is the True King of Kings and Lord of Lords; The Grand Al Mufti “Divan” Imperial Grand Potentate Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33 / 720 “As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi” Of The International Supreme Council Of Shriners, Inc. Head of The Council Of 9, The Grand Mufti Of Shrinedom, A Direct Descendant Of The Prophet Muhammad Of Arabia through The Mahdi Of Nubia, The Sudan. (Truth) Is (Truth) Let’s Set The Record Straight By ILL: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33 / 720 The Nuwaupian International Grand Lodge, Inc. Of Freemasonry Supreme Grand Hierophant Amunnebu Reakh Tah Of the Ancient Egiptian Order Of The World.


‘Walk’ in the (Light) of the (Sun), As if all can see you at all times. ‘Bathe’ in the (Light) of the (Sun) as if it can, as it does, ‘heal’ all things. Take each ‘step’ in Its (warmth) as if the (Sun) is your True “loving” parent, and think of it as the (Source) of all life; as We all know it is. For without the (Sun) there would be no life, as we know it. This we all know.
(Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re



1/HPP – (9). INTRODUCTION: OF THE ONLY “TRUE” (POTENTATE) “KING” OF KINGS, “LORD” OF LORDS. These Words By Noble Dr. Malachi Zodok York-El, 33 / 720 Grand Al Mufti- “True” (Potentate) “King” Of Kings, “Lord” Of Lords. I have devoted my visit to this (Planet) to the (Resurrection) of the “Mentally” (Dead) which I affectionately refer to as (Mummies). Never did I know that the evil one had done such a great job with these people both mentally and physically as to have them hate self and kind. My greatest dilemma and hindrance has been the “Black” (Devils). Born amongst you, and by you, married to  you. Socializing with you. Praying in the same sacred houses of worship as you; But secretly they have a spiritual pack with the (Devil). Which makes it near impossible for them to totally surrender to the “True” (Word) of “GOD”. Their very nature won’t let them. It is in their seed from Genesis Chapter 3: verse 15 and 1st Peter Chapter 5: verses 9 & 10. It’s not about race when it comes to the devil. But, for the few chosen from the many called; I sift to find those beings that wish to become one with the (Supreme) in All. Those that wish to know the (Way), the (Truth), and the (Light) to our Heavenly Holy Father, “Creator” of All, and “His” chosen (Anointed) “One” Psalms Chapter 2: verse 2. The Kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take council together against The Lord, and against his “Anointed”, saying! So I, Noble Dr. Malachi Zodok York-El, 33 / 720, as The Grand Al Mufti; The only “True” (Potentate) 1st Timothy Chapter 6: verse 15. Which in his times he shall show who is the blessed and only Potentate, the “King” of Kings, “Lord” of Lords. As I am known throughout the Mystical School, the incarnation of Tehuti “Thoth” Student of the Great Tum, known as Atum-Re. The first point of resurrection from ignorance to the Right Knowledge, the Right Wisdom, and the Right Overstanding. The “Amen” in Revelation Chapter 3: verse 14. I have blended in with each of the (Religions) most interesting to “My” People. I lived as one of them. I Practiced as one of them in order to reveal the misconceptions of these doctrines that have plagued and diseased the minds of my people. Many take offense to that practice. But I am sorry, the truth must be told. For the very Soul of GOD is at risk. Among The Arabs of Al Islaam in the degree of Muhammadism, I was known as, As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi or simply Imaam Isa. Being fluent in the many dialects as well as the Classical Arabic language, Galilean and Syriac language. I translated word for word without biasness in favor of the Islaamic Religion. The Qur’an (Koran) from Syretic Arabic into English. I sat beneath the Great Shuyuwkh as a Student. One of which was Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud and the Great Master Karama Shaikh Al Hasoun of the Khalwatiyya Order of Sufis out of Sudan. As a Mahdiyya or Ansaar. As a Moorish-American Under Noble Drew Ali as M. York-El. I republished and revised the Holy Koran Circle Seven. Their connection with the N.O.I. “Nation of Islam”, Known as the “Black Muslims”; Encouraged me to do an in-depth study of the “Teachings of Master W. D. Fard”, Allah in person to his final “Messenger”, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I released several books explaining in-depth, their doctrine, which led me to another ex-member of the Nation of Islam called Clarence 13x. A self styled Allah, who founded the “5” Percent Nation of “Gods” and “Goddesses”. I collected data and published the Problem Book; Their interpretation of the English Class Lessons of the Nation of Islam. Amongst the Hebrew Israelites, while in the degree of Mosesism. I was know as Rabboni: Yashu’a Bar El Haady. As a Hebrew, I had my Bar Mitz Wah by the Great Rabbi: Matthews of Harlem at age 13. Through the school of Judaism. I translated the Torah and the Psalms from the Ancient Aramic Hebrew into English.

2/HPP – (9) Amongst the Christians and still a Christian, in the degree of Christism, I am known as Reverend Malachi Z. York or Dr. York, Pastor and founder of the Egiptian Church of (Karast) “Christ” Inc. Through the School of Christism. I translated and explained the Book of Revelation. From the Galilean Arabic and the Ancient Greek; To reveal the false teachings by Paul of another Jesus, another Gospel, Galatians Chapter 1: verse 6. And another Spirit. A whole new (Religion) taught to “My” (People); And they accepted it. 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2: verse 11. The very name Christian was not what our Lord and Savior called his followers. The word Christian came from Antioch, In Acts Chapter 11: verse 26. We and the children of GOD and Jesus Christ or “Yashu’a” Ha Massiah is our (Savior); The willing sacrifice. In this day and time, I received a New Holy Tablet 2nd Peter Chapter 3: verse 16. Our own Scripture; That each day, as Scientist, Astronomers, Paleontologists and the likes uncover new evidence confirming that it was indeedly “Divinely” Inspired. And is not merely a book, but a Revelation. A “Holy” (Scriptures) with (Prophecies) of the (Future), which are manifesting daily. Also, I translated the Book of the “Coming Forth By Day”, called the “Egiptian” Book Of The “Dead” from Hieroglyphics as Amunnubi Raakhaptah. I also Released a Series of Books called “Behind” The “Nine” (Ball); And the Bible Interpretations and Explanations. I felt it is my duty as the “True” (Reformer) and “Savior” to “My” (People) to make that which is unclear, clear. To prepare them for the coming of the “True” (Messiah) of GOD in these last days and times- In the book of Matthew Chapter 24: verse 27. I have also revealed the doctrine of those called the Hebrew Israelites, and the likes with a Series of Books called “360” Questions To Ask; And 3 volumes of over 1,000 pages. Each entitled The Degree Of Mosesism, The Degree Of Christism, and The Degree Of Muhammadism covering any question that anyone could have pertaining to any  of the 3 – Monotheistic Religions.

3/HPP – (9) I have also traveled the rough and rugged path of Freemasonry and have arrived as the Imperial Grand Potentate Internationally of the Ancient Arab & Oriental Order Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine New Mecca Temple No. 11 Macon, Ga. And I.G.P. Of A.E.O. & A.N.O.M.S. Al Mahdi Shrine Temple No. 19 Macon, Ga. Northern & Southern Jurisdiction. The Worshipful Master Of Nuwaupian International Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M., Also Deputy Grand Master Pride of Georgia Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. 33rd Scottish Rite Freemason Of Amos Grand Lodge Macon, Ga. I as Al Mufti Sit On the Council Of “9”, The International Supreme Grand Council Of Shrine Ahli’l Bait                 

4/HPP – (9) I entered The Order Of The Acacia, under The Most Worshipful Master The ILL. Charles Tinsley, 33rd Degree at King Solomom’s Lodge No. 4 Of Brooklyn, NY. On Putnam and Nostrand Ave. Prince Hall Affiliated And Of The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry A.F. & A.M. Jurisdiction Of Georgia called Zerubbabel Grand Chapter Royal Arch Mason, United States And Canada. I have written Masonic, Shriner And Eastern Star Books such as: The Nuwaupian Chapter Of The Order Of The Eastern Star Handbook, General Questions For The Order Of The Eastern Star. What The Eastern Star Symbols Mean To Me. The Nuwaupian Masonic Quiz Book. Hidden Symbolism Of Freemasonry. Shriners And Freemasons Family Guide, And More.

5/HPP – (9) My travels took me throughout the world from sitting with the Mystics and the Monks under the Tibetan Master Lama Mott Kokomau of China to the Grand Lodge in Cairo,Egipt, North East Africa; To being a member of the Rosicrucian Order since 1974 A.D. As well as Astara Mystic Order since 1975 A.D. For more than 25 years. As the Supreme Grand Hierophant of the Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.) Mir Pyramid No. 9. My family has been Freemasons for Generations in Virginia’s Zen Shriner Temple No. 122, Newport News, Virginia and Daughters of Isis, Zen Court No. 98, Prince Hall Affiliated. I stepped on to the White Lodge Freemasonry from the Black Egiptian Mystery as Tehuti “Thoth” called Hermes Thrice Times Great, the possessor of the Master Key. Keeper of the Secret Word to become a Haru “Horus”; A companion of the Great Hierophant ImHotep. The Scribe of the Secret Doctrine. Conferred of the 720 Degrees in the Secret Number 9. And the Guardian of the 9th Gate. Raising from the Ninth Chamber the Secret which will give you the power to Re-Align Yourselves. I was there, which is here, when the “word” Let there be “light” was uttered. I have stood the test of time. I have been questioned by Scholars, and Historians of all Religions and Denominations. I am capable of answering the unanswered and solving the problems of the world: yet, my personal interest is in each and every one of you . I am not The Lord Jesus Christ. Nor am I a holy man, or a preacher. I am a Master Teacher in the body of Christ. I have (Resurrected) in the West, the Ancient Fraternity, (A.E.O.) With “Healing” in my (Wings); The Spiritual Order of our Ancestors, the Egiptians, and your true bloodline under the (Reincarnation) of Neter: Amunnubi Raakhptah, your A’aferti “Pharaoh” for this day and time “Atum-Re”. I have experienced all the Religions and Sacred Orders. And now, I bring to you Ancient Egiptian Order (A.E.O.) the (True) Order of the Egiptians, that which gave birth to all others. For in this day and time; This order of the (A.E.O.) has become the fastest growing Movement for “World” (Peace) of the New Millennium. You have found your way to that which you have sought all your life. Don’t believe a word I say. Check it out for yourself. Only fools duck when the (Truth) is thrown at them. (Always) “Truth” Is “Truth”                             Atum-Re                        

6/HPP – (2) THESE WORDS IN THE HOLY BIBLE OF THE SCRIPTURES OF TRUTH ARE NOW BEING REVEALED BY ME, THE SON OF MAN, HIGH PRIEST AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK , FOREVER. Isaiah Chapter 19: Verse 25. Whom The Lord of Host shall bless, saying; Blessed be (Egipt), My (People), and “Assyria”, the work of my hands, and “Israel” mine inheritance. (Truth) Is (Truth).

7/HPP – (2). (BREAKING) THE (SPELL) ON THE (BLACKS). INTRODUCTION BY: ATUM-RE, Who Is The (S.G.H.) Supreme Grand Hierophant Of The (A.E.O.) Ancient Egiptian Order Of The World. These terms used in the (A.E.O.) maybe offensive to some people. But these are just the terms the Egiptians used for their enemies. For instance: The word Haribu is Egiptian and became Hebrew. The Israelites were called Heka Khasut. The foreign invaders such as the Caucasions were called Tam’a-hu, meaning Living (Filth). This is in reference to their lack of knowledge of hygiene and their body odors due to their ignorance. Pa Tuta is a term used for an evil person or being. This is regardless of race gender or creed. Then Apep “Apophis” is a demon creature, a serpent that punishes those souls that have failed in the hall of judgement when weighed on the scale against the feather of Ma’at; Also the Devil of your Bible called Nakhash in Hebrew. In the Qur’an “Koran” 2:256-257 you see the word Taaghuwt. When you look in Genesis Chapter 3: verse 15; It says the serpent has a seed. That means the serpent has a physical seed, flesh and blood. And that is why “Jesus” (Yashu’a) said in John Chapter 8: verse 44, You are of your father the Devil. And the lust of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and did not abide in the truth; Because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie; He speaks of his own. For he is a liar and the father of it. Leviathan is also a term used when referring to a serpent; Yet it is also used when referring to the “Spell” Of (Sleep) that the Egiptians call “Amam” (Devourer-Leviathan) which is the great serpent or dragon mention in the book of Revelation Chapter 12: verse 7. And there was a battle in the skies; Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon and fought his Angels. There is an evil hypnotic spell of amnesia cast upon the (Nuwaupian)”Black”(People) everywhere called “Kingu”; The (Hypnotic) “Spell” Of (Sleep) or what is commonly known as the “Spell” Of (Leviathan). Our people have been in a coma state for 6,000 years, of the conscious mind, making you forget your true identity of self in Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, we called it “Amam” This “Spell” is enforced through the (Media) and the many “Religious” (Propaganda) that promotes scriptures such as the “English” (Translations) of the Bible and the Qur’an “Koran” that consists of blind faith and beliefs with no facts or confirmations, out right ignorance to who they are. The powers of “Amam” (Leviathan) are actually enforced by these “Religious” Books and “White” Supremacy (Propaganda), which I call “White” (Magic). In there original tongue and form. The purpose for these religious books were for guidance. Until disagreeable forces altered them into the form you have today. Which have you living off blind faith. You shall know the truth, John Chapter 8: verse 32. Do not believe in the truth; Know it through confirmation. Also a scripture written in Hebrew or Arabic, does not make them true. Both the Hebrew “Torah” Bible and the Qur’an “Koran” have mistakes in them. And God or Allah could not make mistakes, not to mention, the original scriptures were destroyed. They don’t have them. They only have replicas. For these religions themselves of the Moseism-(Judaism), Christism-(Christianity) and Muhammadism-(Al Islaam) are Spells. How? RELIGION IS A SPELL! Because it keeps you thinking that someone or something is going to save you; When the helping hand that you looking for is at the end of your arm. RELIGION IS A SPELL! Because it have you believing that you can’t have anything of worth until after you die, and go up somewhere in Heaven or Garden. When all you have to do is work for it. They don’t describe anything in Heaven, you or a millionaire can’t get, right here on Earth. RELIGION IS A SPELL! Because it condones people turning into bums, dropouts and failures of society. When a steady income could solve most of your problems. RELIGION IS A SPELL! Because it have you believing in spooks and ghost. However; Those whom you were made in the images and likeness of were physical beings of Tama-Re, “Egipt” Your Neteru, Neteraat “Supreme” Beings called Gods, were and are real. Neter “Supreme” Being the Father Asaru (Osiris). Neter “Supreme” Being the Son Haru (Horus), and the Mother Netert “Supreme” Being Aset (Isis), are real people. In fact; They are making themselves known. The tombs of “Asaru” (Osiris) and “Aset” (Isis) have recently been unearthed. So they are no longer a myth. (Always) “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re                                  

8/HPP – (2) The Spell of (Amam) Leviathan is also enforced through Pa Tama’Hu, man or Ghost man’s media by establishing how you as (Blacks) should look, what you should wear, how you should feel, where you should go, where you should work, how you should spend your money and what you should eat. The Tama’Hu man tries to (control) your (mind) and all your feelings to make you work against yourself and kind. The (Spell) of (Amam) is also enforced through the public school system by instilling in you since childhood the concept of 1,2,3. Everything is taught to you in threes; Your ABC’s, your 123’s, your nouns, persons, places and things. The 3 little pigs, the 3 bears, etc. The (Spell) of “Leviathan” is in the mode of “1,2,3” or persons, places and things; Locked within the 3 dimensions. And there is nothing that you can conceive that does not fit in either of those categories. Everything is in some way based in the number “3”, for example: (A) The three “R”s = 1; Reading. 2; W-Riting. 3; A-Rithmetic. (B) The Trinity = 1; The Father. 2; The Son. 3; The Holy Ghost. (C) The Bible = Based On: 1; God. 2; Devil. 3; Humanity. (D) Lifestyle Concept = 1; Home. 2; Job. 3; Money In The Bank. You have learned not to question anything that is taught to you. Not even the obvious contradictions or things that lack plain common sense. You don’t go pass what you are told. You are so caught up in the “Spell” of (Amam) “Leviathan”; That you are unable to come up with anything new. You can’t create a line. You always go to the (Devil) to learn how to support your family. You work for them against yourself and kind. Every thing you do or say has already been done or said many times before. But now is the time to break that (Spell) with THE ANCIENT EGIPTIAN ORDER (A.E.O.) “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

9/HPP – (2) WHO CAST THE (SPELL) OF “AMAM”? Answered By: Atum-Re. Zuen also known as Enzu, Shakhar Kato, Devil, Ibliys, Shaaytan, Belus, Nulush, Hadad, Ha Satan, Tarnush and Apophis in Tama-Re “Egipt”; The Father of Haylal cast this Evil Hypnotic “Spell” of (Sleep). Apep “Apophis”, a Remusyan “Reptilian” from the planet Rum “Titan”. According to the Sumerian Doctrine; Most of you think Saturn is a planet as you have been programmed to think when actually it is a ball of gas, not a planet. Zuen cast this spell for “Enqi” (Nudimmud) of Sumerian Culture. “Nudimmud”, who is equivalent to (Sutukh) in Egipt; Was the founder of the city of Nod, Lebanon of old Phoenicia, who was the Master of Ta – The planet Earth. “Enlil” (Asaru), “Enqi” (Sutukh) are Brothers, the Sons of “ANU” or (RE – RA) The “Heavenly” One, had 7 tablets in his possession called The “Scroll” of All; Which told the coming of the “Elders”. Zuen, equivalent to (Apep) “Apophis” of Ancient Egipt, befriended “Enlil”, equivalent to (Asaru) “Osiris” of Ancient Egipt, and became his gate keeper for the sole purpose of reading the The Tablets of “Destiny”, The “Scroll” of All or the (Akasha) Records. That’s how he found his way to this secret chamber, the 9th Chamber, where the tablets were kept. Zuen (Apep), “Apophis” stole the first writings of the tablets and changed all their destinies, or changed what was to happen. At that point, everything was at a standstill. The Earth was void and dark, the Pa “Neteraat” The (Eloheem) were in conflict. You had 12 “Qa’hat” (Agreeable) and 12 “Netchnetch” (Disagreeable) and “Enlil” (Asaru), was left speechless. “Enlil” – meaning (Divine) Of The Heavens or The “Skies”, ruled the Skies, and was the Son of “ANU”, who is (ALLAH) or (EL ELOH) of the “Neteru” (Eloheem / Anunnaqi), and Master of the “Heavens” and the Earth. Once Zuen, “Apep”, (Apophis) got The Tablets Of “Destiny”, he gave them to “Enqi” (Sutukh) and together they conspired against “Enlil” (Asaru), and the desendants of the Adamites, Enosites and the Cainites. “ANU”, (RE – RA) is our “Heavenly” Holy Father (Abaanaa) of “Tama-Re” (Egipt). So with Zuen, “Apep” (Apophis) help, “Enqi” – (Sutukh) “Set” was able to cast a spell on the descendants of “Enlil” (Asaru) “Osiris”. This was done out of jealousy and a power conflict with his brother. Same as with the stories of “Cain & Abel, Jacob & Esau, Eshmael & Isaac, and Solomon & Adonijah. All of these stories came from the real stories of “Asaru” (Osiris) and “Enqi”(Sutukh)-“Set” from Ancient Egipt, “Tama-Re”. This spell could also be used to control the (Procreated) “Beings” that would work for the “Pa Neteraat” The (Eloheem) and The “Anunnaqi”; Those who came down in 50’s in the gold mines of South Africa, then called Raphali; and those that stay in the Heavens, The Elul. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

    10/HPP – (2) HOW WERE THEY ABLE TO EXECUTE THIS “SPELL” Of (AMAM) “LEVIATHAN”? ANSWERED: By Atum-Re. They were able to execute this “Spell” of (Amam) “Leviathan” by making that which was (bad) look “good” and that which was “good” look (bad). They made “dark” (peace) and (tranquility) look and seem (bad) and “fire” – (lightening), (explosions), and (light) “look” and seem “good”. So Tama-Hu people look good and Nubian people look bad; Making it easy to accept a “White” (God) and a “White” Son of (God). They were able to control you so well; Because they actually bred with you and have gotten into your blood. Which gives you the desire to want to be like them. And they do not allow you to hate them or love yourself, which makes it harder, but not impossible, to awaken from under the spell of self-hate. Then they created the Bible and books with all “white” (pictures) for you and your children. They make and have movies about Bible Stories with all “White” (People) from “Jesus” to (Angels). Plus you have Michaelangelo’s portrait “Creation” of “Adam” where God is reaching for Adam’s hand; And they are both (white). The Muslims did the same thing in the Islamic movies, about Muhammad and his companions. All are (White) and so are all their pictures. It’s all Religious (Racism). This is to control you mentally, so you would continue to follow them blindly without question; So not to alarm the (Sleeping) God “Neter” (Supreme) “Being” within the “True” (Egiptian). The Bible is a fabrication of the (Babylonian) Texts from the original seven tablets called the “ENUMA ELISH” and the “GILGAMESH EPICS” that bred the belief in a book that this Yahweh called (TAMMUZ) “Sprout” Of Life, Ezekiel 8:14, the Son of Ishtar and Dummuzi, alone with a council of 46 Anunnaqi, plagiarized for the seed of Seth. This happen in Nod, Phoenicia or Lebanon. TAMMUZ, The “Lord” did not create the Bible. He made it easier by extracting parts from the “ENUMA ELISH” and the “GILGAMESH EPICS”. You see, (TAMMUZ) was appointed as the “Lord” over you. He is called YHWH, JEHOVAH, Genesis 4:26. Who used the Ancient Sumerian Tablets as his guidelines. Disagreeable Beings (Canaanites) came in with their influences and now have people following behind them in blind faith. When at one time you as Neteraat “Supreme” Beings (Gods), knew, and were in direct contact with your own spiritual forces. (Always) By Atum-Re “Truth” Is “Truth”        

11/HPP – (2) TAMA-‘HU, THE CANAANITES LYING (ALBINOS) CURSED SEED By Atum-Re. They called themselves Hebrews, and were not. They called themselves Nazarites, and were not. They called themselves Christians, and were not. They called themselves Muslims, and were not. The original of all of these were “Blacks”-(Nuwaupians) Not the Tama’-Hu, who call themselves the “White” (People) as you see many within today times masquerading around as if they are the original people, when they are not. The original (Hebrews) or (Chaldeans) were “Black” from Abram or Abraham, Son of Terah. The original (Greeks) were “Black” from Javan, Son of Japheth. The original (Arabs) were “Black” from Kedar, Son of Ishmael. But with the spell, came the enchantment called (RELIGION) “Muhammadism” as the Muhammadans say in Islam “DIN” which is the worship of the Goddess “DINA”; also known as Ishtar. The Egiptian equivalent is (Aset) “Isis”. At first, Zuen, “Apep”, (Apophis) was conspiring with Enqi to cast the spell on Enlil’s seed. However, Zuen had an ulterior motive. He wanted to find out his destiny, because in his heart he wanted “Enlilship”, (Osirianship), meaning “control” over the “lil” (Skies). Then Zuen, “Apep”, (Apophis) turned against “Enqi”, (Sutukh) “Set” and cast the spell on Enqi’s “Set” seed also. This same spell is on (Blacks) worldwide today. The adverse spell is also in the atmosphere itself, because Amam “Leviathan” which is broken down as: “Levi” (Law) and “Athan” (Sin) emanates it. Amam is the (Ghost Spell) or (Gospel) of spiritual ignorance and racial blindness. And the only way this opium-like hypnotic spell can be broken is by THE “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE), THE “RIGHT” (WISDOM), AND THE “RIGHT” (OVERSTANDING) OF YOURSELF, YOUR (KIND) AND “KNOWLEDGE” OF OTHERS. The reason the spell has existed for so long is because the spell itself is hypnotic and you are in a state of amnesia. And although many of you are waking up; You still need to remember or re-know who you are. This science is called Nuwau-Pu; Taught through The Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.), only works with (Nature). And it’s atmosphere of the (New) “Sun” Cycle – the revolutionary cycle – after the year 2,000 A.D.; Which was marked by the electric storms on the Sun, that created bad weather patterns, deform animals and humans, hail storms. Change in weather patterns, landslides, droughts, sink holes, buildings and other structures collapsing and war, all over the world. There are earth quakes, floods, insanities in humans and plane crashes. Racial tensions are increasing and more and more (Nuwaupian) “Blacks” are waking up and becoming aware of their condition and de-forming, and not conforming to Devil’s ways. Apophis time is up, and he will fade away; And “Blacks” will give up on the white man, (slave) master’s – (religions) and return to (Egiptian) “Teachings”. THE “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE), THE “RIGHT” (WISDOM), AND THE “RIGHT” (OVERSTANDING) can only produce “Right” (Thinking) for the “Blacks”, (Nuwaupian) “Egiptian” Moors. And “Right” (Thinking) causes us to follow the “Right” (Way) to liberty and equality through “RIGHT” (WORDS) and “RIGHT” (WORKS).”RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE) IS (TRUTH). AND (TRUTH) IS THE “BEST” (KNOWLEDGE). Therefore, if (Information) is the best knowledge; Then the “Best” (knowledge) is “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE), AND (OUTFORMATION) IS “SUPREME” (MATHEMATICS), “BLACK” (MAGIC). IT’S OUR TIME TO RULE SELF. For (Always) “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

12/HPP – (2) WHAT IS KEEPING YOU NUBIANS SPELLBOUND? By Atum-Re. Part of the Devil’s evil spell that has a hold on you, are negative spirit forces, 6-ether forces; sympathy, pity, apathy, jealousy, discontentment, self defeat and inferiority complexes, “white” (magic). These feelings which are within the hearts and minds of Blacks, were sent to them by Amam “Leviathan”. This means, although those negative spirit forces of “white” (magic) are within many of the “captives” (Black) “Egiptian” Moors, that work against “Blacks”; Because they are allies of the “captor”. They really think they can trust Pa Tama’Hu or ghost man. Although many captives “Negroes” or “Necro-Dead” are willing helpers or allies of this 6-ether force; They will only be used by this force. For those that follow the “white” (ghost) “images”; Are compelled to do the very things that are preventing their rise from their bondage. It is a very depressive position for a race of people to be in; Having forces within self constantly working against one’s self and kind. This force is called “Ra’a” in the Hebrew Torah or Bible. The disagreeable or negative side of “will”(Genesis) Chapter 3: verse 22. Not to be mistaken for the Egiptian deity of the Sun “Re” – “Ra”, our own force. They tried to deceive you. The words look alike, but that is the position of the oppressed. And the only way to destroy the negative forces that maintain that position, is to destroy the negativity and ignorance that those negative forces live and strive on; such as bright light and ‘white’ (magic). The acceptance of “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE) is the (SOLUTION) which leads to “RIGHT” (THINKING). And “RIGHT” (THINKING) LEADS TO “RIGHT” (ACTIONS), and breaking away from their fire forces. For within the (A.E.O.) ANCIENT EGIPTIAN ORDER, are (Scrolls) of series of “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE) such as: Mythology, First Language, What is Nuwau-Pu?, Our Bondage; The Blacks True Roots, The Garden Of Eden. Please, you-(My People), Nubians or New-Beings; Do not just read these (Scrolls) of “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE), BUT STUDY THEM ALSO, because; these (Scrolls) are dedicated and designed to offset and help destroy the negative “Negro” that is (Necro-Dead) “Black”, and slave minds amongst you. The spell of ignorance, is taught to us by the “slave master”, with his “white” (magic); Through Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Also through many other “white” (religions) of a spook or spirit, or ghost worship, which is their spirit force, and not our own. “Truth” Is “Truth” (Always) By Atum-Re                                                                             

13/HPP – (2) THE SCROLLS ABOUT RIGHT KNOWLEDGE: By Atum-Re “RIGHT KNOWLEDGE” ORGANIZES AND UNIFIES THE MINDS OF NUWAUPIANS (NUBIANS), THAT IS “EGIPTIAN MOORS” CALLED BLACK PEOPLE, NEGROES, AFRICAN AMERICANS AND OTHERS INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY. If knowledge is not to be confusing, and thereby effective; then it must be in sequence. Knowledge received must be in an organized sequence in order to put the mind in order, and unity. One purpose of these scrolls is to help organize and put the minds of Nuwaupians “Blacks” in unity, in order enough to qualified for your own effective spiritual science called NUWAU-PU (noo-wau-pu). Black magic is for Black people. It will clear the fog, and your single eye will re-open. Safera “Clairvoyance” meaning “clear vision” will return, and you will see again. NUWAU-PU AND THE FORCES AND POWERS THEREOF ARE LIBERTY, EQUALITY, JUSTICE, RIGHTNESS, AND PROPER SURVIVAL FOR NUWAUPIANS, “BLACKS” EVERYWHERE. NUWAU-PU and the powers that make it effective and binding are the equalizers for “Black Folks”, Egiptian Moors, in all fields of necessity and endeavors, in which other races offer contest. The liberation forces for Nuwaupians, Blacks, are not Caucasians and their Tama’Hu form of Jesus, or their Lord, their Allah, nor the spirit power-names of any other race and their gods. The liberation forces of Nuwaupians, Blacks, are (9-ether), whose scientific name will be disclosed in our science (NUWAU-PU). “9-ether” is the original creative forces that made these scrolls possible. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re

14/HPP – (2) WHAT IS NEGRO MENTALITY? By Atum-Re. Negro mentality is negative mentality, a slave mentality. The very word is “necro” means (dead) and Negro,(negra-omega), means “black” (death). A Negro, negative, or slave mind is one, regardless of how free you think you are; if you don’t take control of your life, you are dead. One who is in mental slavery knows no more, or little more, than what the Tama’Hu, Cursed (Albinos) seed, has written for public reading and spoken for public hearing. The Negro mentality knows no more or little more than what the Tama’Hu-aat and or their Negro helpers have taught. This is what I call synthetic education, which breeds a synthetic mind. This ties into the whole world of the Tama’Hu-aat. They make movies to portray themselves as being something they are not. Yet the animation and graphics appear so real that you are convinced it is real and you believe it. This is done so that you will accept this kind of man as being superior, and if you are not like them; then of course, you must be less or nothing. When actually, you are the “Supreme Beings” called Gods, who created them. You and your ancestors and descendants of “ANCIENT” (EGIPT) Tama-Re, are the real Gods. You don’t have a mind of your own. You are out of your mind. You are in his mind-Tama’Hu, cursed seed Albinos. Your Preacher, Imam, is holding their translation or the scripture he is teaching you from, or relates you to their books to (cheat me)-YOUR (REFORMER) “Neter A’aferti” Atum-Re, “Amunnubi Raakhptah” Atum-Re. So these Preachers, Teachers, Imams are really enforcing the evil teachings, and the results of the ghost spell are negative and slave mentalities, full with physical slaves and captives that must be resurrected from this mental death. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

15/HPP – (2) WILL THESE SCROLLS IN THE (A.E.O.) REALLY HELP? ANSWERED: By Atum-RE. Yes, if a person has a Negro, negative, or slave mentality, these scrolls will help him or her get rid of it; provided the person does not just read , but studies the scrolls and accepts the facts therein and herein. Facts can be rejected, but they can’t be disproved. Those of you who have survived the year 2,000 A.D., the showdown between Qa’hat “agreeable” and Netchnetch “disagreeable”, will accept these facts and stick to them. The Heka-Khasut did not and will not teach others besides their own race. Any real knowledge about universal powers and forces would enable others to rule themselves. Moreover, other races are not going to give wooly-haired people, Blacks, Egiptian Moors, real Universal Knowledge, and Black Magic; Because real Spiritual and Universal Knowledge is where real ruling power is found and exercised. This is something they,Pa Tama’Hu ghost man may have knowledge of, yet still cannot exercise this spiritual power on their own, without the help of self and kind. Let me add, they have no power over you unless you, or one of self and kind, gives it to them. Just as vampires can’t come in your home unless you welcome them. Stop trusting them. The same Negroes “dead blacks” give them their power by worshipping their Gods, Allahs and their prophets, apostles, angels and images. This must stop from us to regain our own power again; As it was when we ruled ourselves in Ancient Egipt “Tama-Re”. Apophis, race of demons, “white magic” are what you all are living by, and Black Folks should live by “Black Magic”. But they don’t. They all live by “white magic”, a spell of ghost, “gospel” under the white Indo-Aryan religions. If they had any real knowledge, they would be exercising these principles now. Instead, they use Blacks as “guinea-pigs”. They study your experiences and reactions and then go write a book about it, as if they had knowledge of it themselves, when they do not. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

16/HPP – (2) ARE WE TO ADHERE TO ANY TEACHINGS OF THE TAMA’HU MAN? BEING THAT WE WERE NOT TAUGHT RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, BEFORE? ANSWERED: By Atum-Re. Yes, no one can really teach you but self and kind. For the time being, it may be permissible for the Tama’Hu man to teach occupational knowledge, jobs and trades, along with computers, mathematics, works and subjects that no one can be deceived with. But not subjects like history, “his story”, religions – Judaism, Christism, Muhammadism, origin etc. Because the Tama’Hu-Cursed seed (Albinos) of Canaan will not and sometimes cannot give others the facts about these subjects. The Tama’Hu-Cursed seed (Albinos) knows and teaches certain occupational jobs and trades according to present-day standards, and mathematics which is an universal science which speaks for itself. But what can they teach anyone about morals and the best way of life; when they are those who destroyed the real knowledge, morals and the best way of life by suppressing and murdering darker people. Lying to divide others and creating ignorance, and stealing other people lands, cultures, and natural resources, that are another people heritage. The Heka-Khasut “Hyksos”, (Canaanites) acts like they are the real Egiptians. That is why they were called the “Jacobites” or Yaqub’s grafted Devils. Jacob means “supplanter”. These same Heka-Khasut “Hyksos” or “Canaanites”, called Amorites, Jebusites, etc., never did and never will give others true spiritual and universal knowledge, because much of it they do not know themselves. In secret lodges like the Knights of Templar, Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, Rosicrusian, Astara, the Theosophical Society and the likes, use a small portions of our knowledge. What they do know is kept amongst themselves; so that they may continue to rule the ignorant and the poor, in there “Luciferian” ILLUMINATI Order of the WHITE BROTHERHOOD, SKULL AND BONES. Occupational,professional, and technical knowledge is what you should have, but you need more than that in order to be free, and as Gods gains and have ruling power; occupational, vocational, professional, and technical knowledge are not sufficient to eliminate Negro, negative, and slave mentality. Negro or negative mentality, (Negative mind) is one which is void of real universal knowledge – knowledge about time and origin of universes, stars, planets, satellites; origin of oceans, mountains, vegetations; Time and origin of races, cultures, and what each race suppose to represent. Negro mentality is void of its own true spiritual science. And the powers, which maintain a race spiritual science are those that create a race culture, makes its history, and direct its way of life. Therefore, if a race does not have its own true spiritual science, “The Black Sciences”, it is void of what is necessary to make it free and regain that God state of mind. In your case, “NUWAU-PU” is your true spiritual and universal science. It will make you God, “Supreme Beings” again, and 9 ETHER UTOPIA BEINGS. For (Always) The “Truth” Is                                  “Truth” By Atum-Re                        

17/HPP – (2) WHO IS OUR TRUE TEACHER? ANSWERED BY: Your true teacher ATUM-RE; Who Is one that can give you the Universal Knowledge that informs you about the governing codes and cycles of all existing and living beings. One that can inform you of mankind’s “white magic” spirit forces and the ones that are for or against you, as a “Man God” spirit force, “Black Magic” that is for you. They made “Black Magic” sound evil, because they fear it. You are “Black” and have miraculous powers, when you learn how to use them again. Real universal knowledge must answer the knowledge questions. When? where? what? who? how? why? and nature of: that is, whom a thing is for or against. THE “SUN” OF “RIGHTEOUSNESS”, the writer of the scrolls entitled: “THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE SERIES”, a (Man-God) “Supreme Being”, who foretells the future and it comes true, is qualified by the forces of nature, the “9-ether” forces, that created and grew this planet. Through the “Black” (Science) of “NUWAU-PU”; You will receive disclosed Universal Knowledge, unveiling the past, emphasizing the present and a blueprint of the future. What I, “Amunnubi Raakhptah”, called Atum-Re, write is meant to destroy the barriers between wooly-haired, Egiptian Moor, Black people and their spiritual science and heritage in general. Universal forces cannot beneficially and effectively work for you and with you, as long as many minds amongst you are so negative or in opposition to your own kind; and negative minds attract negative forces of “white magic”, and those negative or opposing forces destroy you, and cause you to destroy yourselves. Just like when the light is cut on, it over powers the dark. Yet, the dark still exist. But only a dark hand can cut on the light or it would not been totally dark. Light has a beginning and an ending. Once you start working with the forces of “9-ether”, meaning “love” of (self) and (kind); These same forces will also begin to work with and for you. This resource is available to all Nuwaupians, Blacks, who have abandoned the love of the image, mind, and body of the Tama’Huaat, Cursed Seed (Albinos). Only then will you be in your right state of mind “9-mind”. Once the love of all, other than self and kind has left you; Then the forces of “9-ether” will help you and never abandon you. If you turn back to “love” other than (self) and (kind), it will leave you again. You need a positive mentality to offset the negative. Then you will have the brain power necessary to identify yourselves with the Universal forces of nature, Tamunefuset: Ta-“Earth”, Mu-“Water”, Nefu-“Wind”, Set-“Fire”, forces of “9-ether”. And they will help you to find or obtain liberty, godliness and justice. Black is God. God is good. Black is good. Pa Neter The “Supreme Being” called God was in blackness or darkness IN Amos Chapter 5: verse 18, when he said “Let” there be “light” IN Genesis Chapter 1: verse 3. So, God dwelled in darkness, and dwells there now. Light is chaos. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re                

18/HPP – (2) THESE WORDS OF TRUTH BY: (S.G.H.) The Supreme Grand Hierophant Of The (A.E.O.) Ancient Egiptian Order Of the World, Amunnubi Raakhptah “Atum-Re” When the Tama’Hu meets someone who does not believe in their god, (that is, ghost), they call that person an (atheist). There are two kinds of spirits, “ghost” and “ether”. Therefore, if a person is not of ghost, that is “god”, he or she must be of “ether”, hence, he or she is called (atheist) by the Tama’Hu-ghost or albino being. A = against and theist = Thehos-Greek, for god or diety. Atheists and Etherists have the same original or etymological meaning, “not god” or “not of god”. Because, if one was originally created by an “Ether Black Man-God”, instead of (ghost, spook, or spirit). That person by nature is not “ghost” god, and not of “ghost” god. A person originally created by ghost can, and most likely will become of god, their (white god); and created by god mentally during the cycle of their god, Pa Ah – “The Moon” cycle, which ended in the year 2000 A.D. The beginning letter of “ether” was “A” instead of “E”, in ancient times; “Ather”. There are 4 cycles: 2 Ah – “Moon” cycles and 2 Re – “Sun” cycles, which consist of 6,000 years per cycle. The second “Moon” cycle, which lasted 6,000 years has ended. 9-9-99 A.D. His last attempt at total control 6-6-66 A.D., when he came up from the 6th chamber and he turned 13 in the year 1979 A.D. “The International Year of The Child” The “Devil” In (Flesh). Then in 1999 A.D., he became 33, completing his higher degree 3+3 = 6. And is where you will find (666), (The Mark of The Beast). Just before the end of each ruling cycle of nature, a male person is authorized and appointed by the “female” forces of nature to determine and disclose to a people, especially those of his kind, the hidden past, the changing present, and ruling future. 30 years before the end; that was 1970 A.D., unto the year 2000 A.D., which is 6,000 years. I came up from the 9th chamber with the power to “defeat” the (Devil) and his “hosts and ghost”. Pa Ah “The Moon” cycle was the 3rd phase of the revolutionary cycle which is 24,000 years. This continuous cycle of 24,000 years is broken up into 4 – 6,000 years periods, being 2 – Re “Sun” cycles and 2 – Ah “Moon” cycles; have been occurring for 17 million 250 thousands years. Therefore, since the end of Pa Ah “The Moon” cycle is also the end of the (evolutionary) cycle. The cycle of mankind and it is now the (revolutionary) cycle; which means an evolutionary-reverse. It was necessary for the forces of nature to select from among the oppressed, a woolly haired Black, Egiptian Moor and qualify, authorize, and appoint him to manifest the knowledge and rule the beginning present – Shamash – “Sun”, cycle of the outer world with “Afsu”. This is not to be confused with the sun of the inner world. Re found as “shemesh” in Hebrew language is called ” The Sun of Righteousness” in Malachi Chapter 4: verse 2, Atum-Re or “Ra”. But as for you who fear out of reverence my name; The (Shehmesh) “Sun” of Zodok – (Justice) will come forth with healing in his garments and you shall go forth and spread as the calves of the stall. Now look at this. “Righteousness” is “Tsed-aw- qaw” (Zodoq), found in the book of Malachi, Malachi-Zodok-El, The “Messenger” of Revelation Chapter 1: verse 1,”Malachi Zodok” York-El. The Angel is “Messenger” and in Malachi Chapter 4: verse 5, Elijah which is short for an “Eloheem of Yahuwa” is an Angelic Being who will prophesy to you before the end. Elijah has come and gone. Just as there are forces that can foretell the future, there are also forces that can tell you about the past, and “Atum-Re” also called “Murdok” in Babylonian text and “Amar-Utu” in Ancient Sumerian Tablets, the Son of Enqi, who is the Son of “ANU”, your ALLAH – EL ELOH, JEHOVAH OR GOD, has access to all forces necessary to retrace the past and foretell the future. This fact made these scrolls possible. You can acquire more information on this subject by joining “The Ancient Egiptian Order”, (A.E.O.) a “Higher Degree” of The “Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek” (A.M.O.M.) One authorize and appointed by the forces of nature is given connection and access to the powers of Pa Re “The Sun” and Pa Ah “The Moon” and powers of Pa Ta “The Planet” (Earth); that he may take his place in the “Sun”, meaning in universal affairs, and all of his kind who are able to learn, overstand, and accept universal knowledge and facts as disclosed by “9-ether”, will also be given the same connections and powers for realization and maintenance of liberty, justice, equality, rightness, and survival beyond 2000, until 2030 A.D., which is the order of “Ma’at”. The principal of “Ma’at” is the internal struggle for balancement of your nature commonly called the “Yin and Yang”, or considered “Tobe and Rah” or simply “Qa’hat” (Agreeable) and “Netchnetch” (Disagreeable) and in Ancient Tama-Re, “Egipt” called “Ma’at Order” and “Isfet Disorder”. The war or the showdown between right and wrong that occurs in each individual. It is not a physical battle. It’s a struggle with the heart that is weighed against the feather of “Ma’at”, who is also the Netert “Supreme Being” of Order. Your heart or deeds are weighed against the principles of “Ma’at”, which determines where your soul will go after judgement. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re

19/HPP – (2) AFTER JUDGEMENT: The journey your soul takes, can be to continue the journey on to Sahu “Orion”, which is called “Heaven”, where Pa Neter “Asaru” The Deity (Osiris) presides; or be sentence to be devoured by “Amam” Ammit, The (Devourer). She is a composite creature made up of a lion, hippopotamus, and crocodile, and she sits in the “Hall of Judgement”. I as your Supreme-Grand-Hierophant, Amunnubi Raakhptah, am able to distinguish between that which is for Egiptian Moors, Blacks, Nuwaupians, and that which is against him or her. Ghost-“white” (god), the spirit of the ghost- “whites”, the Cursed seed (Albinos) represents death for Nuwaupians “Blacks”. And is thereby against Nuwaupians, Blacks, Egiptian Moors. “9-ether”, the spirit of Blacks, represent life; And of course, life and death is opposites. 6-ether is 9-ether in death. And yet and still at its death, returns to 9-ether; Being the “Alpha and the Omega”. 9-ether can produce ghost. But ghost can not produce “9-ether”. The purpose of anything and everything written in these scrolls is to help destroy the Negro and nagative “slave” (mentality). So that Nuwaupians, Blacks, woolly-haired people everywhere, may have and exercise free mind and “God” (mind), and thereby enjoy freedom and equality. If a person has a free mind, he or she will do free things. If a person has an equal mind; He or she will do equal things. Scrolls like these “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE) “SERIES”, ARE DESIGNED TO OPEN THE WAY TO A SPIRITUAL AND MENTAL REVOLUTION. Because there can be no change in racial status for Nuwaupians, “Blacks” as a whole, without first having change in mental powers and spiritual forces. The same old spirit forces and the same old minds will maintain the same old system. Although the ways and means of maintaining the old system may change. It will be the same old system, as long as the same old minds and the same old spirits prevail; The same old system is the nature of them. A change in mental status by “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE), THE “RIGHT” (WISDOM) AND THE “RIGHT” (OVERSTANDING), which leads to (SOUND) “RIGHT” (REASONING) brings change in the spiritual status; Because ignorance in the mind is destroyed. Then the spirit forces of ignorance, “white” (magic) that maintain ignorance, will have nothing to live on; Will die, scatter, or become sealed in Pa Ta “The Earth”. When the mind receives “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE) and accepts it, the mind defends itself by fighting against the forces of ignorance, its (enemy). And when the right side of the mind defeats the weaker side, the person becomes free and a (god-man) as sufficient effort is made and no longer (god-dammed). The result of cruel suppression of the mind and accumulation of gross ignorance, is the state of miserable conditions, where the slave and the slave master, or captive and captor, pray to the “same” (god) and the “Black” man becomes (dammed). Since the “slave” (master) is an (enemy) of the “slave”. If the “slave” prays to the same “white-skin” (ghost) or spook (god) as the “slave” (master); he is praying to the god that enable the “slave” (master) to enslaved the captive; and that (god) is the (enemy) of the “slave”, as the “slave” (master) “is”. The one-god (doctrine), that the “slave” (master) indoctrinated the “slave” with, is really the worship of himself and his “white” (image), and a part of the spell of 6,000 years ago, brought on by “Enqi” (Sutukh) and Zuen-Apophis. All the Neteraat “Supreme Beings” were condensed into one called “God” with a capital “G”. Now Apep – (Apophis), uses it as a trick to keep the “slave” from recognizing any other spiritual power, but that of the “slave” (master). There are many gods, but there is only one Neteru “Supreme” of Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, called “ALYUN ALYUN EL”, THE “CREATOR” EL ELOH; THE “SOURCE”. THE “HIGHEST”. THE “MOST HIGH-EL” (RE – RA). EVEN “ANU” MEANS “THE HEAVENLY ONE”. HE WHO IS “ABOVE”, ALL IN ALL. AND THAT BEING – IS WHO IS – INFINITE-OMNIPOTENT IN NATURE AND HAS INNUMERABLE POWER AND PARTS. THE ONE SUPREME BEING IS IN EVERY NUWAUPIAN, “BLACK” (NUBIAN) PERSON CALLED ELOHEEM, IN EVERY PLACE, HEAVEN, AND IN EVERYTHING, NATURE – FINITE AND INFINITE, VISIBLE (BODY) AND INVISIBLE (CELLS) WHICH IS ALL WITHIN PA TEMT-TA, THE “ALL”. (TRUTH) IS (TRUTH) BY ATUM-RE                     

20/HPP – (2) POWERS AND FORCES OF NUWAU-PU: BY ATUM-RE The powers and forces of Nuwau-Pu are liberation and salvation for Egiptian Moors, Blacks, and wooly-haired people everywhere. Liberation is mental and physical separation from opposing forces, and salvation is keeping opposing forces away from woolly-haired people after they have been liberated. Therefore, salvation comes after liberation and is the maintenance and perpetration of liberty, justice, equality and rightness. Like the other scrolls, this scroll helps to open the prison gate that has your minds locked in, and as the gate of mental confinement opens, ignorance will flee, and THE “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE), THE “RIGHT” (WISDOM) AND THE “RIGHT” (OVERSTANDING) will become the keeper of your minds. THE “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE), THE “RIGHT” (WISDOM) AND THE “RIGHT” (OVERSTANDING) ARE NUWAU-PU, and Nuwau-Pu is the spiritual science of all woolly-haired Nuwaupian, Black, people throughout the universes, which gives you (soul) and makes you “Soul” (people). These are the “Black” (Sciences) and “Black” (Magic) that has worked for us. The knowledge and formulas that created the pyramids and the great civilizations of Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, when they were built. These are the wonders of the world that the Pa Tama-Huaat, have still not figure out today. The scrolls called THE “RIGHT” (KNOWLEDGE) “SERIES” ARE NOT THE SCIENCE, NUWAU-PU itself. But with diligent reading and diligent study, and profound overstanding of these scrolls, that will open the mind, tear down the barriers, and qualify the mind for the universal science called Nuwau-pu, as taught by the (A.E.O.) The Ancient Egiptian Order. You the reader, will overstand these scrolls better if he or she remembers that “Amam” The Spell of “Leviathan”, comes in all forms such as; a sun-god, an earth-god, and a moon-god, for the Tama-Huaat all straight-haired people. Amam- “Leviathan” can manifest itself as the sun-god; for them it is fire worship. So many of them worship on Sunday and worship the sun, as a great ball of fire, a destructive force. Notice how they lay on the beaches; but the sun is not their friend. why else do they need to cover up, while laying under the sun? If they do not cover up, they will die from skin cancer, melanoma that develops from the lack of pigment-melanin in their skin. Amam-“Leviathan” can also manifest itself as God their father “Our father who art in heaven” in the Draco Star Constellation (Dragon) at one time; the earth-god, god their son-Jesus, at another time, the moon-god, their mother of god-Mary, or Dina at still another time, or it can manifest itself as a combination of two or all three at the same time calling it the trinity, from the Egiptian Triad of deities, the father Asaru – “Osiris”, the son Haru – “Horus” and the Holy Ghost-Khonsu, and with all 4, the blessed mother, Aset – “Isis”, is really a quadity. The group called “Adam” 6,000 years ago was an incarnation of the earth-god, known as Jehovah, Dagon, the Mesopotamian-god of vegetation, who was half man and half fish; also known as Jesus, Zeus, Lord, Baal, etc., by whatever name, this Adam is really Canaan of your Bible found in Genesis 9:25, who is the son of Ham; Who dates back to 4,004 B.C. years ago. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-RE                                         

21/HPP – (2) WHAT IS A REAL NUWAUPIAN OR EGIPTIAN MOOR? ANSWERED BY: Atum-Re When I use the word Nubians and or “Blacks”, I do not mean only a woolly-haired person born in the small territory in Africa called Nubia, Ethiopia today. I mean a woolly-haired “Black” person born anywhere in the universe. The root of the word “Ethiopia” is (Ether); in middle English it means “upper air” or from Latin (Aether) and in Greek “Aither”. (Ghost) is “lower” and (Ether) is “upper” or the “Highest”- “ANU” or “ON”. It’s all about breath, and breathing “Khayyeem” as found in the Torah or Bible in Hebrew, Genesis 2:7 as “Neshawmah-khayeem” which is “Ether”, (Divine Spirit)-“forever”. And “Khay” (Life) in Genesis 2:8 as “Nephesh-Khay” which is for (Ghost). “Ether” is the creative power that the “SUN” and other true “Stars” produce and emanate, When this planet was forming and was in a state of desolation or void and darkness, there were forces that were on this planet, Jeremiah 4:23; these forces were “9-Ether”. These “Black Forces” created life in the water first; hydrocarbons were present in these waters. Hydrocarbon is simple methane or benzene gas that only contains hydrogen and carbon. Hydro-carbon from “hudor” means (we) or (water), and carbon from “carbo-charcoal” means (Black). So these “Black Gases” of “9-Ether” are the celestial origin of all “Ethiopians-Blacks”, being behind the “Nine Ball” or the 9-known planets of the new star solar system. We as “Etherians” were trapped within the “Earth” atmosphere, because we breathe in bad air, until the year 2,000, which is 6,000 years, the end of “Apophis” rule. You are “9-Ether Beings” behind the “9-Ball”, who are called “Blacks”, and all Nuwaupians are from the original “Nuwbuns” born (Black) As (Coal). For ”9-Ether” is what produced “Pygmy” (Kishites / Cushites ) also known as “Zulu or Lulu”; the “Ancestral Tree” of all woolly-haired people who were pre-dynastic “Tama-Re” (Egipt). Accordingly, by Greek philosopher, such as Diodonus states how the “Ethiopians” are (Egiptians) and I quote: ” And upon his return to Greece, they gather around and asked”, tell us about this great land of the “Blacks” called (Ethiopia). And Herodotus said, there are two great “Ethiopian Nations”, one in Sind (India) and the other in “Egipt”. Now even the God of the Bible is from “Egipt” as found in Hosea 12:9. And I am the “Lord thy God” from the land of “Egipt”. At one time, all of Africa and surrounding lands, before the parting of Africa; from Asia and other territories, were called “Ethiopia” or (Ether-Utopia) in Genesis 2:13. Kuwsh, called Kish in Pre-Bible time, is now El Habasha and the Atlantic Ocean was called the “Ethiopia Ocean”. There is only one ocean and many land masses. Before the separation of the land due to an explosion and continental drift the masses were all one, called Ganawa. (Truth) Is (Truth) BY Atum-RE

22/HPP – (2) Therefore, there are two Kuwsh – (Cush). The Kuwsh – (Cush) mentioned in Genesis 10:6 Kuwsh, son of Ham, came many years after the Kuwsh in Genesis Chapter 2: verse 13; which translates as “Ethiopian” which is a name that gives woolly-haired people their celestial origin, terrestrial origin, and ancestral origin. Hence, “Ethiopia Utopia” was the best all around name for the mentally resurrected woolly-haired people, untill “Nuwau-Pu”, by the power of “9-Ether”, which gave you “Blacks” new-cycle name (Nuwaupians), New Beings. (Truth Is Truth) By Atum-Re (QUESTION): FROM THE ENDING OF THE OLD TESTAMENT (MALACHI), TO THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW TESTAMENT-(MATTHEW), WHY IS THERE A TIME SPAN OF 300-400 YEARS?
Pa Tama-Reyeaat “The Egiptians” (Blacks), and Pa Heka-Khasut, “Israelites”- (Gews, Grews-Greeks) had a war around 1600 B.C. And Pa Tama-Reyeaat “The Egiptians” lead by Moses, or (Thutmose – I), according to the Egiptian Mysteries that is, the A’aferti “Pharaoh” (Thutmose – I), defeated the Greeks “Grews-Jews” from Javan-(Yawan) in Hebrew, under the command of A’aferti “Pharoah” Ahmose and A’aferti “Pharoah” Kamose; who names are from Mose. Mosheh in Hebrew and Musa in Arabic. Mose in Egiptian meaning “child”. A’aferti “Pharoah” Ahmose and A’aferti “Pharoah” Kamose returned them, Pa Heka-Khasut “Captive Shephards”, Captives of Kings, or “Chieftan of Foreign Lands”, back across “the burning sands” on up into the caves of Asia “Caucas-asian” with great control until around 600 – 700 B.C.; then its rule begin to weaken and the Heka-Khasut began to gain strength. Their ‘Moon’ God, Yahweh as found in Isaiah Chapter 43: verse 3, gave Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt” to us as a Kopher – Ramson. For I am the Yahuwa, your Eloh, the Holy One of Israel, your savior. I gave Egipt for your ramson, Ethiopia and Seba for you. Right (Translation) in Hebrew By: Neter – A’aferti Atum-Re. (Mistranslation) in King James 1611 (A.D.) For I am the Lord Thy God, the Holy One of Israel, the savior. I gave Egipt for thy ramson, Ethiopia and Seba for thee. Notice how this quote is making reference to Ethiopia and Seba as Egiptians. The word used for Ethiopia again is Kuwsh and Seba is the first son of Cush “Kuwsh” as found in Genesis Chapter 10: verse 7, which again shows the Ancient Egiptians are the same as Ethiopians. By 200 – 300 B.C. the Tama’-Huaat had control of Tama-Reye “Egiptian” territory including Tama-Re “Egipt” itself; and they started suppressing the Tama-Reye “Egiptian” culture, which was called then, “Pantheism”; and persecuting those who maintain it. “Pantheism” is the study of “EL” or the (ELUL) “THE CREATOR OF “MOTHER” AS NATURE. And working through “MOTHER” NATURE. Nature is NETER “God”. The forces of nature are “MOTHER” NATURE, which controls birth of everything. So any new idea of existence must pass through Mother “Nature’s” permission first, to get to this realm or manifest, as in manifesting the planet. Mother “Nature” brings man about, and she also created the ‘God’ (Man) or “good-man”. Pan-Theos, Pan is Hermes, that’s Tehuti or Thoth of Tama-Re “Egipt”, and there is Tawaret “Theoris” Goddess of women and child birth in Tama-Re “Egipt”; from the book “Comprehensive Dictionary of the God’s” by Anne S. Baumgartner. So true “Pantheism” is from Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”. It is your ancient way of life. “Pantheism”, the secret wisdom of Tehuti “Thoth” or Hermes is just a word, and a poor one at that. For “being in tune with nature”, it was the religion of Adam and Abraham and the Ancient Phoenicians, of Nod or Lebanon, “Labana” also taken from Egipt. The Tama’-Hu suppressed the Tama-Reye “Egiptian” culture by taking certain books out of circulation, burning others. Forbidding the adhererents followers to practice it, and killing off the Tama-Reye Waabaat “Egiptian Priests” and Prophets – (Matthew) Chapter 23: verse 35, who protested and resisted. Zachariah, Tama-Reyeun (Waab) an “Egiptian Priest” of high rank, was murdered before the end of that suppression. The so called killing of Jesus of 2,000 years ago was supposed to end “Pantheism”. The Tama’-Hu thought by killing Yashu’a “Savior”, who is equivalent to “Tut Ankh Atun” (King Tut) of Tama-Re “Egipt”, who was sent to find and save the (lost) Tribe of Judah “Only”. Apophis thought that by eliminating this “Savior”, they would cut off the link of the Ethiopian-People, called “Kuwshites” or (Nubuns) in Aswan; or “Yahuda” from (Huda), “Haadi”- from – (Al Mahdiyya) “Habiru”- (Hebrew), or “Aksum” (Axum), Ethiopia, “Ether-Utopia”. However, as the forces of nature protected them, these people were in “Egipt” as the “Biga” or (Hadendawa) in Sudan, as the “Mahidiyya” living in Dongola, Nubia. They were also the remainders of the pure seed of the “Real Israelites”. Many refer to Ethiopia as the kingdom of Meroe and Napata, but actually the official name is Kuwsh. So called scholars who were trying to hide the fact that these are all the same people, use various names. The Pa tama’-Hu man’s “Motto” has been (Divide) and (Conquer) since the beginning of his time. When you kill off a person, you kill off his whole race. That is what he refers to as “Genocide” (Gene-Ocide). Remember the whole family lives on through “Pro-Creation”. Therefore, they called the death of Jesus, the death of the “God Pan”, also called (Faunus). Pan is the “Goat God”; and is celebrated December 25th, as the birthday of Jesus every year, because Pan-(Capricorn) of the Zodiac is reborn every December around that time, and the “goat” is used in “Satan” Worship. That’s why both Jesus and Lucifer are called the “Bright” Morning “Star” / In Isaiah Chapter 14: verse 12; For “Lucifer”, the Devil, as the son of the morning. And in Revelation Chapter 22: verse 16; I Jesus have sent my angel. I am the root of David and the “Bright” and Morning “Star”. For the son of God, Jesus (Ja-Zeus), was considered to be a Capricorn, the scapegoat found as Azazl in Leviticus Chapter 10: verse 26, and Chapter 16: verse 8. The name of the man called Jesus was “Issa” in the Qur’an / “Koran”. This same person was known as (Saint Isa) in Kishmir, India. “Issa” or Panthera or “Yashu’a” of the Torah, or Cleophas. “Panthera” is a word which refers to the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egipt. The big cat, “holistic” cat or (Catholic); The first Roman branch of “Christism” or the Lion of Judah, with the “Astrological” Sign, “Leo”. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re.

23/HPP – (2) QUESTION: WHO WERE THE PHYSICAL FATHER AND MOTHER OF JESUS, ISSA PANTHERA, AND WHERE WAS HE KILLED, AND WHAT HAPPEN TO HIS BODY? THE ANSWERS BY: Atum-Re. First things first. There was more than one Jesus. Let’s deal with them one by one. Cleophas, which means “my exchange”, in other words, exchange one Jesus for another, who is called “Jesus -Justus”, (Colossians) Chapter 4: verse 11. Also was Saint Isa, the son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony-(Marcus Antonius). This Jesus was born December 25th, 1- A.D. He was not accepted by the Tama-Reaat “Egiptians” nor the Pa Tama’-Hu “Romans”, because of his mixed blood. And because of this, Cleophas became very vexed; he became an evangelist, that is a messenger, and set out to teach the Phoenicians that he was their “King” as in “King of the Jews”. (Matthew) Chapter 2: verse 2. He traveled mostly in India and studied there in the mystery schools. There is a reference made about him as St. Issa in the Upanishads, the Hindu Tablets as an Avatara, an incarnation of God in flesh or God in the personage of Christ, which tells about the God who came to Earth. They were hermaphrodites in appearance, even part animal, covered in fur. These Hindu Tablets called the Upanishads were recorded thousands of years before those of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; Yet, they have a “Krishna” or (Christ) that was crucified long before the Bible and Koran were created. There is also a group of hairy beings who came down to the planet Earth from the 6th star constellation Septu “Sirius”, which is located just below Orion, who they were known as the “Shaggy People” or the Shaggies; who are the (dog) ‘people’ from the (dog) ‘star’, “Sirius”. So they love the dog like one of their own family members, and will eat, sleep, and kiss them on the mouth. One of the “Shaggy” ‘People’ was called Enkidu, the ruler of the Ancient Babylonian city of Uruk, the Bible (Erech) “Long” Genesis Chapter 10: verse 10, northeast of Ur of Chaldea toward Babylon. He was a friend of Gilgamesh, who was 2/3 ELOHEEM & 1/3 HUMAN. You can find his descendants in Afghanistan today.The Seirian, Shaggies were covered with hair all over their bodies and stood 7 to 9 feet tall. Today it is called a “Sasquatch” a Yeti or a Big Foot. The disease is called “hirsutism”. You can go to any pool or beach today and see Pa Tama’-Hu, the (Europeans) who are descendants from this race of hairy beings with hair all over their bodies with connecting eyebrows. There is also hair all over their back and shoulders. they came to Ta “Earth” from their planet for sport of hunting dinosaurs, killing just for sports and fun. It’s their nature to kill and the Tama’-Hu man is still the only race that hunts and kill for sports and fun. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re.

24/HPP – (2) However, when they came, they were captured and used as slaves, by the ELOHEEM OR NETERU in Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”. The Shaggies were too aggressive to be workers for the ELOHEEM: ENQI, NINTI, NERGAL “Ruler of the underworld”, and his wife ARISKERGAL, WHO WERE THE CHILDREN OF “ANU”; HE WHO IS (ABOVE) “THE HEAVENLY ONE”. THE “YAHUWA” OF THE (ELOHEEM)”YAHWEHANS” OF THE “9-ETHER” OR NEW BEINGS. You have the (agreeable)-Yahweh and the (disagreeable)-Yahweh or Neteraat, “Anunnaqi”, who were scientists as well as astrologers. These aggressive Shaggy beings were cross-bred with a docile, yet civilized tribe of beings who evolved from the algae of the water and were called Ptahites; also known as the Pygmies, the little people. Zulu, Lulu and the Kishites/Kushites. The product of this combinations was the Homo Erectus. These beings were not able to pro-create by themselves, so the scientists mixed in the blood of the ELOHEEM called Shiru. One of the scientists in particularly named Ninti, the sister of Enlil and Enqi, took her blood along with the blood of the Homo Erectus and bred the Homo Sapien. Your Adam (Black-Skin)-“Zakar” and “Eve”-(Nekaybaw) Genesis Chapter 1: verse 27, a race of male and female “Adamites”, whose children were utilized as workers in the gold mines of South Africa, as mentioned in Genesis Chapter 2: verses 11, 12 in part: The whole land of Havilah, where there is gold, and the gold in that land is good. As previously stated, the mother of “Jesus Cleophas” (Jesus-Justus) was a Black Phoenician woman of Nod, Lebonon, Urat “Female Ruler” named Cleopatra of Tama-Re “Egipt” who had children, but was unmarried. This fact made it easier for the Tama’-Huaat to state that this Jesus had no human father. Yet, the physical father of this Jesus was a high-ranking Roman soldier, a general, named Mark Anthony of the “ghost” (race), the “white” (race), as previously said, who was one of the Roman Triumvir, which is a three person ruling body. The mother of Jesus-Justus was Cleopatra Uratun “A Female Ruler” of Tama-Re “Egipt”, a well known notorious person, even today. And his father was Marcus Antonius, better known as Mark Anthony was a war-monger. Cleopatra was also responsible for lifting the ban and reopening the land of Egipt to foreign people. All the Tama’Huaat are personifications of ghosts, because they were bleached or “ghostized” as (Albinos) by the curse of Canaan Genesis Chapter 9: verse 25, or mixing with his seed Genesis Chapter 28: verse 6 by Amam “Leviathan” using the ghost process when they were being extracted from the original Black Phoenicians in the land of Nod-“Wandering” where, Noah’s family lived as found in Genesis Chapter 4: verse 15. Therefore, Mark Anthony, being Tama’-Hu as ghost or as pale as a ghost, as they say, was ghost in person and being noble made him a holy ghost in Rome, a noble spirit. Hence; When he impregnated Cleopatra, the ghost had overshadowed Cleopatra “Mary” as in the tale of Matthew Chapter 1: verses 18 – 20. When the Bible speaks of a holy ghost, most of you have an impression that it is referring to an angel or the Angel Gabriel, when it has to do with breathing. When you are no longer breathing, you are dead. The point of death is when ether is ghost. So when they say “he gave up the “ghost” John Chapter 19: verse 30, they are talking about the breath of life that was breathed into the lungs of man by the ELOHEEM, and so man was made a (living soul), as it says in Genesis Chapter 2: verse 7. And the “Lord God” formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. And a “Yahuwa” of the Eloheem shaped Kadmon, the Adam, from Ninti’s clot of granulated blood, dust from the ground-(earthling). They gave him the breath of “Divine” Life and Kadmon, the Adam, was born a living spirit. RIGHT TRANSLATION IN (ARAMIC)-“HEBREW” BY Atum-Re. In the Hebrew, the word for living soul or “Divine” (Breath) is “Neshawmaw”. When Adam was originally born as a “Nefesh-Khay” (Living Soul). He was given the “Neshawmaw / Khayyeem” (Breath) of Life; That was blown into his nostrils, as stated earlier. When you look up the word for breath in the New Testament, Matthew 1:18 you will see “pneuma” meaning (breath-wind) or “spirit”, and when you look up the same word “pneuma” in the American Heritage Dictionary, you will see “soul” or vital “spirit”. This root word is found in the word “pneumonia”, which originated from an alteration in the word “pleumonia”, from pleumon, which means lung. Compare this word with the word “pneumonia”, which is a chronic disease marked by the inflammation of the lung, that causes viruses, etc. Your lungs are used to breathe in air or breath, and without oxygen you would die or become as ghost-dead. The word ghost can be found in Genesis Chapter 25: verse 8 in the Bible as Gaw-wah. Notice how close the spelling of the word is to “Yahweh” and Gaw-wah are. this is where god came from as in the “ghost god”, that they worship and have so many of you worshiping also. The word ghost comes from middle English gost, from old English gost, breath, spirit. they worship this “Divine Force” because they cannot and do not have it. You as “Ether People” have this “Divine” (Breath) of ‘life’, the ‘Soul’ and ‘Spirit’. They only have spirit. The Neter “Supreme Being” is inside of you. They have you looking for “God” outside of you, while they are worshiping the “God” in you all of the time. They are absorbing from you, as much of that “Breath” your ‘life’ giving “Ether”, your essence, as they can. That’s why they claimed to hate you, as “Ether People” so much. Yet, they like to put their hands on you. Have you ever noticed how a “ghost” person breathes different than an ‘‘ether” person? Did you notice how they breathe in your breath, as you breathe out? Again trying to get that “Divine” (Breath) that they are not entitled to. We are at the end of the “evolutionary” cycle, where the ghost people, Pa tuta were supposed to be civilized. It is something that (cannot) be done. The scientists and the Eloheem have tried to civilize this being and have realized these (ghost people) are not “civilizable”. With this, the evolutionary cycle is thrown in reverse and now a revolutionary cycle will start for us as ‘ether people’. It is important that you “MY People” break the spell of Amam “Leviathan” that has been on us for so many years. These stories you find in Christianity and in your Bible and Koran are found in Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”. The story is repeated and replaced in different cultures. The names are changed, but the root or theme of the story stays the same. You can wake-up from this spell; But you must make that decision within yourself. This Right Knowledge Series, along with many others, will help you break this spell. You must overstand that the Caucasian history is mixed up, falsely and ironically written to hide facts, to mislead and to deceive. Although, the Phoenicians meaning “purple” are of all races, originally they were from what was called Uruk and later Chaldea in the Persian Gulf today. Truth Is Truth By Atum-Re

25/HPP – (2) THE ORIGINAL BEINGS / The original Phoenicians, Blacks, were eventually scattered and powerless by 200-300 B.C.; yet the Romans and Jews and other Greeks, who were controlling Tama-Re “Egipt” at the time, allowed the figure head-puppet Kings and Queens of original Phoenician Ancestry to continue to sat on the throne of Egipt until this Jesus was rejected as an A’aferti “Pharaoh”. The same way Pa Tama’-Hu (Albinos) seed, set up and controlled parrot rulers and puppet establishments in these times. They did the same in those times until revolutionary forces moved in and moved them out. This occurred with the Nuwaupian, Black A’aferti “Pharaoh” Taa II, Senkhtenre, Taa II son of Taa I, Senkhtenre Tao I, Taa Ken who was killed in battle. The fight was continued by his oldest son Kamose and completed by his top military man Ahmose, son of Ebana. Under their reign, Ancient Tama-Re was taken out of the hands of Pa Heka-Khasut “Hyksos – Captive Kings” and returned back into the hands of Nuwaupian, Black rule. After Jesus-Justus, Cleophas was denied the throne of Tama-Re “Egipt”, because he was mixed with Roman blood and failed in his attempt to rally the Phoenicians to unity and power as they once were. He left Tama-Re “Egipt” at age 13, and when he became a man by law, he traveled to India as Saint Isa, where he lived until age 26. Then he came back through the land of Israel; then back to Tama-Re “Egipt” and then returned to India and died in Kashmir at age 71. He is buried in a tomb in Stringer in India. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re.

26/HPP – (2) Then there is “Jesus”, (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago, the son of Mary and adopted son of Joseph- the carpenter’s son Mark Chapter 6: verse 3. This is: THE (REAL) JESUS. He was born June 26, 7-A.D. , and was father by the “HOLY SOUL” or (Gabriel), one of the seven Ark Angels. This is the “Immaculate Conception” that was taken from the true accounted of Aset “Isis” and her son, Haru “Horus” as recorded in the Egiptian Mysteries. When he was a baby, his parents had to take him to Tama-Re “Egipt” to keep him from being killed by Herod, the ruler of Judea. (Yashu’a), “Jesus” of 2,000 years ago, then came back to Judea, Jerusalem after Herod “heroic” died. At this time he was 11 years old. He was the one in the temple at 13 years old, where he impressed the elders with the knowledge that he had gained in the mystery schools of Tama-Re “Egipt”, before coming back to Jerusalem; once Herod was dead. Matthew Chapter 2: verse 19. Herod was the son of Antipater, “Like the father” and Idumaca “red race or Edomites” This (Yashu’a) “Jesus”; Eventually left Mary and Joseph to start his mission. He taught in Israel that he was to gather “only” the (lost) seed of (Judah), Matthew Chapter 15: verse 24. The other tribes like the Levites, hated him because of that. So when he was 33 years old, they set out to kill him on the cross. He escaped and the (scapegoat) name (Judas) was crucified in his place. “Jesus”(Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago returned to Tama-Re “Egipt” and lived there from 33 to 120 years of age, in the Ancient Egiptian Order (A.E.O.), under Tehuti; then he died on top of the pyramid at Giza, which is a ritual in that sacred order. From this event comes the expression “x mark the spot” the spot of death and burial for this Jesus. It is written that this Jesus was put to death at a place called Golgatha, meaning “Skull”. The great pyramid at Giza, Egipt, is a sepulcher, ritual tomb of the dead. Ritual of Asaru’s “Osiris” death and resurrection. So when the Tama’-Hu religion of Christianity teaches that they put this Jesus to death upon a cross, he really died on top of the pyramid, in the pyramid ritual of Asaru “Osiris”. What happen to the body of this Jesus, is the same thing that happened to all Nuwaupian A’aferti “Black Pharaohs”, before this Jesus. The bodies of all Nuwaupian “Black” (Pharaohs) were mummified, including the body of the (Pharaoh) “Jesus-Justus”, that is, Issa Panthera or Cleophas. (Truth) Is (Truth) By Atum-Re

27/HPP – (2) Jesus of 2,000 years ago had a son called Simon Bar Jesus, in Acts Chapter 8: verses 9 thru 11 & Chapter 13: verse 6. The meaning of “Bar” is (Son) in Aramic- (Hebrew); So you get “Bar-Jesus” the son of Jesus, or the son of god by his wife (Mary)-“Rebellion”, (Magdalene)-“A Tower”. He was born September 17, 28- A.D. in Bethany “House of Dates” (Betharaba). The ‘Third’ “Jesus” is Simon Bar-Jesus who was born during the period of time when Jesus of 2,000 years ago had aspirations of his son Bar-Jesus becoming a great teacher. But this Jesus – (Simon) got caught up in spookism and went out to teach his own doctrine. In Acts Chapter 8: verse 9, it was his bewitching of the people that made him a man of miracles. Jesus of 2,000 years ago, followers, referred to Bar-Jesus as a Magus “wise man” or (sorcerer). He was caught up with the rituals and practices of Kabalahism, and from these practices he became a well-known sorcerer. His father had taught him about magic in the Magi, and more information that he was supposed to know at such a young age, when he had not gone through the schools of thought that would have render him worthy of such information. Therefore, he abused the knowledge he had and changed information around from the teaching of his father to his advantage, which eventually lead to his death. Simon Bar-Jesus had many followers, Paul was one of them. Bar-Jesus was of the real tribe of “Judah” like his father, Jesus of 2,000 years ago. Simon Bar-Jesus perform miracles and was even called not the real “Prophet”, unlike his father who was considered a Prophet. He was eventually found guilty of being a sorcerer and a false prophet. After his said death by crucifixion; Simon Bar-Jesus body was taken to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, where he was buried in 61-A.D. after converting Tama’-Huaat (Europeans) called “Gentiles”. Something his father said not to do. Simon Bar-Jesus taught in Greece and Syria, where they got the name “Christian” in Acts Chapter 11: verse 26. And was crucified in Rome at the age of 33. His body was taken to Rome for the benefit and perpetuation of Christianity. He is the “Jesus” (Christ) of Christianity, the metaphysical “Jesus”. Since Simon Bar-Jesus went and taught the ghost (people), those other than self and kind, was left open to be possessed by the spirit forces of ghost ether or 6-ether forces, which gave him the power to perform his magic. That is why many people in churches are possessed by evil spirits, who have them speaking mumbo jumbo calling it tongues. These poor souls are possessed by “legions” of “demons” from 6-ether evil spirit (forces), not the Holy (Ghost) or Holy Spirit like many believe. This evil spirit will possess you; But wont improve your life’s health or living conditions. You will stay poor, while the church gets rich, because that is their ‘white’ magic, spirit, spooks (ghost) force in the Christian and Muslim churches. They call it Holy (Ghost); Holy Dead Thing. At the time of Simon Bar-Jesus death, those same forces that gave him the power to perform miracles, left him before his death, preventing him from saving himself. These forces of “6-ether”, had only used him to extend the time the Apophis had to rule for another 2,000 years, which was up as of the year 2000 A.D., which also marks the coming in of the “Sun” cycle. Yet and still, this Jesus was a Nuwaupian, “Black” and they have you worshipping a Tama’-Hu Jesus, a (white-man) and loving other than yourself, and will desert you once you have served their purpose, they have no need of you. You are and were the “God” that was (worshiped). (Ghost) ether or (6-ether) can’t be “9-ether”, the force that grew the universes. You are the (sleeping) “god” that has been placed so far under the spell, that you have no idea of your origin. However, you will remember your origin under the guidance of the Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.) WAKE UP TO SELF AND KIND: BY Atum-Re “Truth” Is “Truth”

28/HPP – (2) Simon Bar-Jesus mother was also called “Mary”, but it was (Mary Magdalene), who was the wife of the “Jesus” (Yashu’a) 2,000 years ago. It was Mary Magdalene’s (wedding) “reception” that was at “Cana”, in John Chapter 2: verses 1 thru 11. If it wasn’t “his wedding reception, why was his mother there? If they were just guests, why was she so concerned about the wine running out? Why was “Jesus” (Yashu’a) and his disciples there? There is never any mention of the name of the (bride and groom). The “Nicean Council” purposely went out of their way to leave out all names, but Mary and “Jesus” (Yashu’a). What was the reason that this “Jesus” (Yashu’a) went to this wedding? Or his disciples? “Jesus” (Yashu’a)’s character type throughout the Bible does not seem like the type of guy who goes to weddings, unless the wedding was his own. Do you understand? As a matter of fact, “Jesus” (Yashu’a) the son of Mary, had two wives. His other wife’s name was “Martha”, Mary sister. You know “Jesus (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago was married, because there are many places where it tells you in the Holy Bible where “Jesus” (Yashu’a) spent the night at Mary’s and Martha house, in Matthew Chapter 21: verse 17, in Luke Chapter 10: verses 38-42 & Chapter 24: verse 50. And in John Chapter 11: verse 18 & Chapter 12 : verses 1 thru 9. They lived in Bethabara, which means “House of Preparation”. And in John Chapter 1: verse 28, & John Chapter 11: verse 15, speaks of this “Jesus” (Yashu’a)’s love of Martha; How much he loved Mary and their brother “Lazarus”. Here it shows you a story where Martha gets jealous of Mary; because Martha is preparing dinner for “Jesus” (Yashu’a), and her sister “Mary” is sitting under “Jesus” (Yashu’a). So Martha goes to “Jesus” (Yashu’a) and says to him; tell Mary to go do some work. “Jesus” (Yashu’a) tells Martha to leave Mary alone, in Luke Chapter 10: verses 38-42. Another example was after the incident at the Garden of Gethsemane, when Mary Magdalene heard that her husband did not have a proper Judaic burial, because this body of the (scapegoat-Judas) had been buried in a hurry. Yes, it is true, the body of “Judas” the (scapegoat), had already been moved by “Jesus” (Yashu’s) secret disciples who were Nicodemous and Joseph of Arimathea. She, Mary Magdalene, was coming to the tomb in the morning after the Sabbath, in hopes to wash his body, that she thought was her husband, and put coins on his eyes and wrap his body, in John Chapter 20:11. According to Judaic law, a woman is only allowed to do this if she is married or related to the Rabbi, because then she would have to be looking on his private parts; and that would be a violation of the books of Leviticus Chapter:19. Yes, she followed the laws of Leviticus. You know this, because she waited until after the Sabbath to come to the tomb. So, when you look more closely at the New Testament, you will find that there are “Three” Jesus’s as previously mentioned. 1st-(Yashu’a) Bar Maryam “Jesus” the son of Mary and Gabriel; The “True” (One), A “Messiah” John Chapter 1: verse 45. / 2nd (Simon) Bar-Jesus, the son of (Yashu’a) “Jesus” and “Mary” (Magdalene). This (Simon) Bar-Jesus is the “Christ” of (Christianity)Acts Chapter 13: verse 6. / 3rd(Cleophas), “Justus-Jesus”, Saint Issa the son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony- Holy (Ghost)- Colossians Chapter 4: verse 11. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re


ANSWERED BY: Atum-RE. The Tama’-Hu race has taken full advantage of antiquity, by hiding facts, so that the lapse of time would seal them. Because of course, no one living now, lived at that time, except in the person of your ancestors, who have been dead centuries ago. He hides them right in the library or “where their lies are buried”. Even if someone would put the body of Jesus on public view, after two thousand years and call it Jesus or someone else well known at that time. By what means, after so many years, would anyone prove or disprove it? The point is, you-Nuwaupian, Black people, have been under the spell of their religion, for far too long, with their white god, white prophecy, white apostle and white angels. Give it back. It was all a white lie. The first, great white lie was told to you by your Black Parents, when they told you to write a letter to a white man, asking for something, for nothing; That was Santa Claus. NOW CHECK THIS OUT: SANTA / SATAN-SAME LETTERS

This is that great white hope; “white magic”, that has been forced upon us as a people for centuries. If your Black Parents will teach you this lie, then any one else will lie to you, also; To help enforce “white magic”. This spell has not only clouded your thinking, but it also has blocked you from your own liberation. You are unable to see the mistakes in the so-called “Holy Scriptures” you believe in, and you actually allow your lives to be governed by ‘books’ of the ‘dead’ people or ‘books’ of ‘ghost’, what so many of you call Holy Scriptures such as: The Torah, Qur’an “Koran”, Hadith and Talmud. In these same Holy Scriptures, people actually kill other people because: “I” believe something different than “you”. The word “believe”, is part of the problem. To believe in something is to accept something without proof. There was a time when a Nuwaupian man’s word was his bond, but that was a time in ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, a time when there were no wars; There was a natural harmony, where people worked together naturally because of common interests. However, it has been along time since the usurpation, or unlawful seizure, of the throne of Tama-Re “Egipt”, and the trickery of the Tama’-Hu man, was put upon the Nuwaupians, Blacks. However, now this is a thing of the past. You will regain your 9-mind. I cannot stress to you enough, do not accept, do not believe anything as true, if it has not been proven to you beyond a shadow of doubt. It is time for the minds of the sleeping gods, the Black, God-Man and God-Woman to Awaken, and Break the Spell of Amam “Leviathan” of Sleep, that has prevented you from taking your rightful place as Urat “Rulers” and creators of this planet; Or as one great man said: “Makers”, owners, cream of the planet earth, Gods of the Universe. The “Sun” cycle is in. Reclaim what has always been yours. Find your way home to Tama-Re “Egipt”. Home to your descendants: Re, Asaru, Sutukh, Hat-Haru, Geb, Nut, Aset, Nebt-Hut, Tefnut and Shu who are your spiritual or Etheric parents. 9-Ether beings will guide you along the path once you have planted your feet firm. You will find love of self and kind in The Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.), a solution to the Spell. Once you have committed yourself to love of self and kind, half the battle is won. Take that step through Pa Sebkhet “The Pylon”, never turning back. Only through progressing forward can you make that complete cycle in life and move on through another level. The Ancient Egiptian Order, (A.E.O.) can take you to the next level, where you will return to your right state of mind again. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

30/HPP – (2) THE REFORMER: “NETER” A’aferti Atum-Re, Amunnubi Raakhptah, Atum-Re.

I, as the reformer for Nuwaupians, Black people, have the power to foretell and retrace time and events. And now relate the true story, our story, the story of Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, Pa Neteru “Supreme Beings”, Nuwaupic the language, Tama-Re; the rebirth of your ancient land and culture. And you must be willing to take the journey back to your ancient descendants and ancestors, who are waiting to help you awaken from this Spell of Sleep, Amam “Leviathan”. You can (Only) Awaken with the Love of Self and Kind, which can only happen after you remember and accept who you really are and where you came from. As mentioned before, the forces of 9-Ether will open up to you. They are what grew you. Your past is real, recognized by all cultures and is engraved in and carved in stone. Pa Ruwty “The Sphinx”, which originally had wings, was also constructed 12,500 years ago, and dates as far back as 10,500 B.C. That means you were here long before what scientists have dated as the age of Pa Ta “The Planet Earth”, which is estimated to be no more than 6,000 years old. This is because 6,000 years was all the time Apophis was given to rule and is the date of their creation or origin. Yet and still, their time and their rule is over. The “Pa Ruwty”, Sphinx is one of those pieces of evidence of how great you as Nuwaupians, Blacks, are. This structure has been standing for 12,500 years, withstanding all forces of erosion of nature and the attacks of foreign invaders with their cannon balls, only losing her wings. Yes, “her wings”, a woman. The Pa Ruwty “The Sphinx” had the face of a Urat “female ruler”. Many people are under the false impression that the face of the sphinx is that of the Pharoah Khufu, because he was given the credit for its completion as well as the completion of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Pa A’aferti Khufu “The Pharoah Cheops”, also called Cecrops, was the king of northern and northeast Africa and western Asia. It was Khufu “Cheops” who lifted the immigration ban and allowed the first group of Pa Heka-Khasut or Canaanites mentioned in the Bible Genesis 28:1 & 3, Tama’-Hu from Europe and Grews “Greek Jews” from Greece, to reach Africa and Asia. This ban was called “the rope”, which is where the word Eu-rope came from, and all knew not to pass that barrier. The immigration ban had a restriction that said no one without dark hair and dark eyes were allowed to enter Tama-Re “Egipt”. The Cursed seed (Albinos) Tama’-Hu race (Canaanites) “devils” were sealed in Europe by anti-immigration laws for 1,000 years / Revelation 20:2 in the Bible. They were there from the time Pa Tama’-Hu albinos seed were sent from the Aegean Islands to Europe until the time of Pa A’aferti Khufu “The Pharoah Cheops”, which is why Masonic groups have the symbol of this Egiptian Pharoah, who opened the doors of Tama-Re “Egipt” to them, Pa Tama’-Hu race, after being banned for so long. The Tama’-Hu walks around in America and other countries with a self-confidence, as if he is home. Stop and think. He does not belong in America. It is not his homeland. His homeland is Europe. America is not Europe, yet, he has you-Nuwaupians, accepting all he does here as if it is his. It’s not his. Part of “his spell”, is he walks around convincing people that what he does is right. He comes into other people’s countries and starts making laws to punish you if you break the law. But remember, you are again in your country, before his made up laws, were forced upon you. He starts wars and becomes the law, the judges, attorneys, etc., in a country that is not his. This country belongs to the Native Americans who were dark-skinned, woolly-haired beings, that inhabited what is now called America long before the invasion of the Heka Khasut “Hyksos-Canaanites”. And they are not to be mistaken for the American Indian – light skinned, straight haired Indians, that are claiming to be Native Americans. They are two separate groups. The dark skinned woolly-haired Native Americans, who were first, and their children who came from the Native Americans mixing with the Chinese, East Indian, and Eskimos, to give you the American Indian of today. So the trick is to make you think you are wrong, for doing your own thing in your country, as if this country belongs to him; It doesn’t. It belongs to you. Khufu “Cheops” ruled part of Europe, as well as part of Africa and Asia. Now in Pa Tama’-Hu’s (Albinos) seed “Mythology” and legendary history, there is a king they call Cecrops “Cheops”, who was the first king of Attica, actually means the first king of Greece for the Tama’-Hu. Nuwaupians, Blacks, have been living in all areas of the Ta “Earth”, such as Europe, Asia, Ireland, England and Norway. In other words, all places that are predominately “white” countries, that are considered Tama’-Hu countries, were inhabited by Blacks, long before the time of Biblical characters such as: Qadmon, (Zakar), “Adam” and Nekaybaw, (Hawwah), “Eve”, who were the second set of Homo Sapiens able to procreate. You may ask, how is this possible, according to history, “his-story”? Well; Nuwaupians, ‘Blacks’ were the first beings on Earth and existed before the continents or before the continental drift’. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

31/HPP – (2) PA A’aferti Khufu “The Pharaoh Cheops”, was one of the last real powerful Tama-Reye-aat “Egiptians” during his rule. That is because, after the Pa Heka-Khasut Curse seed (Albinos)-“captives of Kings”, were allowed into northern Africa and western Asia, the morals and mentality of the populations weakened. The first set of Heka-Khasut, Hyksos Captive Shephards that came were those children of Hammath, the 11th tribe of Libana-“Canaan”. This was the only son that was born with dark hair and skin; So his tribe was allowed to cross the border. When they came, they begin to raid the Black tribes; Taking the women back up into the mountains to reproduce. As stated before, when they came, a breakdown in the moral structure of Nuwaupians, Black people. They continued their raids in the villages and got as far as India, which is where they stopped, and is why in India today, you will see a range of complexions from the darkest of the dark, to the lightest of the light with straight hair. One of their chief deities is Krishna, who is depicted with dark blue skin. Pa Tuta emphasized racial differences, and the Phoenicians, who were in a much better power position than the Pa Tama’-Hu race, capitalized on those racial differences. They took over rulership of Tama-Re “Egipt” from Nuwaupians, Blacks, as was predestined by the cycle of nature. The Phoenicians or Nodite race, has always been closest to the Nuwaupians, Black race; Ever since mankind evolved. They are the children of God-Man or Nuwaupians, Blacks, the original Hindus or Asiatic Black-Man, out of which mankind was made. I use the word made, because mankind is a kind of man made from something or someone already existing. The “Original Phoenicians” were considered as the closest to the “Original Nuwaupians” and they, the Phoenician people, represented the “Sun” deity. Likewise, the Nuwaupians, Blacks, are the strongest terrestrial “Sun” force by nature. Because: Nature actually grew you. So when you read in history that the Phoenicians used to worship the “Sun Deity”. These are: The cursed seed (Albinos) Pa Tama’-Hu; The ‘White’ (ghost)-man, and not the original. These Phoenicians used to worship Nuwaupians, Blacks, long before the Romans, Jews and other Greeks did. Again, Khufu, Cheops, was woolly-haired Nuwaupian, Black. But because the cycle had changed in favor of the last stage of mankind’s evolution; being the Ah “Moon” cycle, Khufu, Cheops, became an incarnation of the Phoenician deity called Ra and Tehuti “Thoth”; but not the deities of Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”. So Khufu, Cheops, was an incarnation of a Phoenician deity, although he was an Ethiopian by race and was called “The Finisher” of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid Giza. This is why I can refer to the Sphinx and Pyramid when explaining information about Phoenician deities with such names as Jesus, Jupiter, Zeus, Pan, etc. Because of the “Moon” cycle, and the forces it ushered in; The Ethiopian, Black God-Man stopped being himself, ever since Khufu’s “Cheops” time. However, it is time for you to be yourselves again. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

32/HPP – (2) The first born children of Canaan “Adam” and Salha “Eve” were the beginning of the Christ, “gost” in person, called Christ, on Ta “Earth”, 6,000 years ago; 4,000 years before the birth of “Jesus” (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago. As mention before; Everything that is invisible on the planet Earth has a visible counterpart agreeable or disagreeable, somewhere on this planet. The name Noel, as in the Christmas Carol, means Noah and is Alyuwn, Eloh, or Eloheem: Alyuwn, Eloh or Eloheem is the agreeable force, father of “Jesus” (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago called Gabriel, the Holy Soul or “Ether Being”. The disagreeable Eloheem is called Jesus. Jesus or Ja Zeus is 6-ether, the forces of evolution, Zeus being the chief or father god in Greek mythology, from which the name Jesus was derived to deceive the Nuwaupians, Blacks, Israelites into accepting a foreign deity. Jesus, who has many names such as: Zeus, Jupiter, Christ, Kristos, Lord, God, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, Iblis, Harmachis, etc., was the god of the Albino Phoenicians. Jesus is the Capricorn of the 12th sign, 12th month of the Zodiac, and astrology is Amam’s, Leviathan’s religion along with Tarot Cards, and Quija Boards and Psychics. This is their way of getting in contact with those familiar spirits. The Zodiac, an ancient Babylonian word for animals, has many forms such as the dog, monkey, eagle, serpent, crocodile, etc., that are not shown in almanacs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Although this stems from ancient Tama-Re “Egipt” as everything does, it was distorted and altered from it’s original meaning. For instance, Zodiakos is the Egiptian Netert “female deity” Hat-Har (Hathor) and the temple of Denderah was attributed to her and is were the original immaculate conception took place with Aset “Isis” to conceive Haru “Horus”. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re


If you look at the two tablets that Moses held; You will see they begin with the Hebrew letter “Alef” and end with the Hebrew letter “Yod”, symbolizing the 10 Commandments. Which all real students of the Torah knows is not 10, but 613 Commandments. Which when added together is (6+1+3)= 10 any way. The “Alef” is symbolic of the name of ELOHEEM in the first chapter of Genesis which uses only the name ELOHEEM. And the “Yod” is symbolic of the name YAHUWA of the Second Chapter of Genesis, which uses only the name YAHUWA ELOHEEM. This along with the Laws of the Levite priests who are the students of the serpent (Levi-athan), and the Levitical Laws, which are the Laws of Satan, from the Laws of the code of Hammurabi, meaning: “Rabbis” (Masters) of Ham, being Ham was the father of Canaan. They are the same Laws that are made and enforced by the Pa Tama-Hu “The “White” ghost man-(Albinos) cursed seed that governs the world. The Chemarims or Khamarim are the black-robed priest of different idols. They were appointed by the Kings of Judah to conduct worship in high places. The original significance of the verbal form was to be “Black” and explained the use of the noun by the assertion that the idolatrous priests wore black garments. Today it represents the one that becomes emotional behind the pulpit when he dances around while trying to “fire up” the audience. The word “Karma means: “To grow warm and tender, be or grow hot, black, dark, gloomy”. It also means: “Idolatrous” (Priests). It is the root of “Kharmarim”. This is parallel to the root word “Kham” meaning: “Black or Heat”, which comes right to Kham-Ham, son of Noah and father of Libana-Canaan who is the father of the Canaanites; The enforcers of the code of Laws. It is clear to see the Laws you are forced to adhere to are made up, written and enforced by pagan worshipers of Baal by way of Ham’s son Canaan. When you look at the derivative Khammin you’ll find that it means: “Sun Pillar”, used in idolatrous worship and often as epithet of the solar Baal. On the tablet that has the code of Hammurabi, you see the sun deity Shamash. The priests of Baal were called Chemarim. One of these Chemarim bears the name Sanchoniathon. He was a priest of Baal who purportedly wrote the history of the world on the sun pillars of an ancient Syrian temple. Those were sun pillars the Pagan Canaanites had dedicated to the solar disc. Sanchoniathon claimed that he was standing in the lineage leading directly from Adam, and through Cain down to his day. He claimed that Baal worship was descended form Cain, ZEPHANIAH 1:4. I will also stretch out my hand to the tribe of Judah and to the inhabitants of the two Jerusalems and I will destroy the remainders of the Canaanites deity Baal from this place and the name of Chemarims priest who dress in black. RIGHT TRANSLATION IN ARAMIC (HEBREW) By NETER: A’aferti Atum-Re

THE FOLLOWING IS MISTRANSLATION FOR KING JAMES 1611 A.D. BIBLE VERSION: I will also stretch out mine hand upon Judah and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem and I will cut off the remnant of Baal from this place and the priests. From the definitions being used you’ll find that the Chemarim were the priest of Baal who wore black robes. This is the garb most worn by the priest and ministers of today. These men wore these robes in contrast to the white robes ordained by YAHUWA ELOHEEM to wear in the temple. This is why the Catholic Church and the Christian ministers as well as the Jewish Rabbis all wear black when in the scriptures it clearly tells them that they should be wearing white robes. What is interesting in the time when you were in ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, you too wore black and wore white only during funerals. The Levite priests were responsible for converting the children back to the worship of the bull god, who they called Tor, as found in Exodus 32:1-6. In Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt” would be the Neter “Supreme Being” Apis the bull or Hat-Haru “Hathor”, whose symbol was a cow with the tall horns of the Apis Bull. Aaron deceived Moses and the high priest from the knowledge of all this. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

34/HPP – (2) WHAT ARE THE DEFINITIONS OF THE WORDS JEW AND HEBREW? ANSWERED BY: Atum-Re. The words “Jew and Hebrew” are confusing to some people, because many people think they are the same in meaning. No people can not be true Jews with their interlocking six-pointed star, or true Christians with their cross, by nature, but the Tama’-Hu ghost man Cursed seed (Albinos). First of all, the word “Jew” or Gews, Grew, which is short for Greek or a short combination of the words Greek and Hebrew; you see, all the Greeks are Jews by the simple fact that the father of the Greeks is Japheth, a son of Noah and Na’mah, through his son Javan who married a Hittite named Iris and produced the Ionian Race. The name Yawan in Hebrew means “clay”. The name Yawan or Javan in English is taken from the Greek word Iaon for Ionian, a general term used throughout the Bible for the Greek Race. Through this union, the ghost men were able to exist without the extreme affects of lebrousy and produced hair colors of auburn, brown, to almost black with dark-eyed Greeks, who are really mulattoes. This mixing allowed these foreign tribes to invade Ancient Tama-Re “Egipt”, having dark hair and eyes unlike the white or Albino tribes having transparent skin and clear eyes although they appear blue. They were star worshipers, and that is their symbol called “The star of David”; when they know it’s “Magan”, meaning “Shield” as found in Genesis 15:1 as Abraham’s “Shield”. You must be very careful of the star you use, and make sure it’s not an interlocking one and make sure the Ankh you use is not the Tau. David used the Shield of Abraham, later called the star of David. The original Jews were star worshipers, and the true stars are suns. The Earth’s sun is a star, which is fire. They were and are star worshipers. However, the Jews adopted the term Hebrew, because they are a derivatives of those East Indian Hindus and mixed Phoenicians, those from Nod, Lebanon. Therefore, when the terms Hebrew and Jew are used in the Bible, most people think they mean the “white” of Jewish origin; in some cases yes, and in some cases no. Hebrew is a variant of the word “ghebre”, sometimes spelled gheber, gibborim, and jabbaarat Genesis 6 Chapter. A ghebre is a fire worshiper. A true star is fire, ether fire. The sun of Earth’s solar system is one of the true stars. A point must be made here to shed some light on the Israelites of your Bible. There were Nuwaupian, Black Hebrews and there were Tama’-Hu Hebrews. In fact. one of the tribes of Canaan of your Bible, called the Sidonians lived with the Black or Hammathite tribe. This tribe of Canaanites had pale-skin and red hair. In reality, these people are those foreign people called Setians who followed the Neter “Male Deity” Sutukh, which is why he is depicted with a white mask of a camel with clipped ears, with red hair. There were Ethiopian Hebrews too. Meaning; Woolly-haired people who were Hebrews. However; Since the Jews have possessed the term “Jew” for themselves, let them have it. Don’t try to claim it, because the woolly-haired people among the other Hebrews were only being used anyway. Moreover, the original Hebrew writers of the books of the Bible were Nuwaupian, Blacks. Then the Phoenicians were used by the “moon god” Dina, to reprove the Pa Tama’-Hu race concerning what they were doing to darker people; But the “moon god” knew that Pa Tama’-Hu ghost men (Cursed) seed (Albinos) would persecute and even kill those that spoke with disapproval; But that was part of the game the “moon god” was playing to keep the moon cycle in progress and the Pa Tama’-Hu Heka-Khasut “Canaanites” in power. This happen to Simon Bar Jesus who was also used as a part of this game as mentioned earlier. In light of the previous paragraph, you can easily see that the people in bondage and captivity in the Bible were darker people, especially “THE ORIGINAL PHOENICIANS, NUBIANS, BLACKS. It is written that the Hebrews lost their identites around 400 or 500 B.C.; but there were never any twelve tribes of Hebrews in the first place. The real “Hebrews”were Chaldeans who cross over, and because of that motion, were called “Hebrew”. The Hebrews who began losing their identity around that time were not Pa Heka-Khasut or Pale of Jewism, but they were the original Phoenicians, Blacks, because around that time is when the Canaanites started their cruel persecution and suppression against the Phoenicians, and the Phoenicians started going where ever they could to escape those atrocities and brutalities. So by 300 or 400 B.C. around the time the last book of the Old Testament or Old Testimonies is supposed to have been written, there was hardly any need for a prophet, because the Phoenicians were so well scattered. However, there were various writings between 400 B.C. and 1 B.C. by priests and prophets that should be part of the Old Testament / OLD TESTIMONIES, but are not, because they tell of the cruel persecutions and atrocities that preceded the appearance of Jesus. The Old Testament are testimonies of people who came along and studied the two tablets of the TORAH, meaning “Law” from the Aramic (Hebrew) root word “yarah” that were given to Moses at Serabid El Khadim, where the temple of Hagar, the Goddess Hathor stood. These tablets were created by TAMMUZ by taking portions of the 7 Holy Tablets, The Tablets of Destiny of the ELOHEEM and combined them with the Gilgamesh Epics, which talks about the great deluge. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

35/HPP – (2) Along with the testimonies of other people, they yielded the rest of the Old Testament; like the Patriach Ezekiel, who tried to tell about the ELOHEEM that he saw, but you do not see this. The so-called Jews further distorted the Bible by the Talmud and the Mishnah. The Nubians that lived in these regions who were controlled by the Pa Tama’-Hu ghost man, were forced to accept the Canaanites new version of Christianity, Matthew 23:15, which came out of the Alexandrian schools of Egipt around 300 B.C. It was mixed with the Hindu doctrine because it is partly based on the belief in reincarnation and “god” incarnated into flesh. The Hindus brought Seh “religion” to the planet Ta “Earth” 17 million 250 thousand years ago with the first moon cycle. The Septuagint / The Greek (Version) of the Old Testament from which came the Latin and English (Versions) was compiled (Collected) after Alexandrian The Great, the Greek marched unopposed into Tama-Re, “Egipt” and Northern Africa around 333 B.C. The Septuagint was published several decades later around 300 B.C., and this mean that the so-called Jews did not have an organized Bible until the Greek version was compiled, for they had been using various scrolls and parchments for their religious rituals and rites. Moreover, the Jews were well schooled in the Kabala system – a system of mystery words and secrets that were passed down secretly by word of mouth, from father to son and mother to daughter, but never put in writing. The Kabala was their book of devil worship. There have been many versions and revisions of the Septuagint or the Old Testament, since its compilation and publication around 300 B.C. The 70 and 72 emissaries from Jerusalem who were supposed to be the ones who compiled the Old Testament, were the people who were persuaded to change the writings to suit the purposes of the Pa Tama’-Hu ghost rulers. At the time of the advent of “Jesus” (Yashu’a), apparently the Jews had not yet claimed the Ethiopian and the Phoenician bondage and captivities of the Old Testament as their own, as evidence by this written statement in John 8:33. They answered Yashu’a, we are of Abraham’s sperm and was never in slavery to any man, so how do you make this speech; you will become free? Right Translation in Greek by: Neter A’aferti Atum-Re. (Mistranslation) for King James 1611 A.D. They answered him, we be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man; how sayest thou, ye shall be made free? Jews and the other Canaanites, if given the opportunity in the future, will also claim the enslavement of the Nuwaupians as enslavement of the Egiptians as the enslavement of Jews. For instance, the 430 years bondage that is mentioned in the Torah involving the Israelities enslaved to the Egiptians, was actually the Egiptians bondage to the Heka Khasut-(Albinos) cursed seed Tama’-Hu (Canaanites), who took over Tama-Re “Egipt” and suppressed the original people for a time, until their, the Heka Khasut-“Captive Shepherd” exodus from Tama-Re “Egipt”, when they were being chased across the sands of the desert. Moreover, in reading the Bible, people make the mistake of concentrating too much on what god or Jesus is supposed to have said and too little emphasis on the other side of the argument, and through this error, people miss valuable information and eye-opening knowledge, which disproves many Biblical and Tama’-Hu “White” people claims, not only by words, but also by what actually took place before. Then, by what took place since, and what is taking place now. And other words: Note that their secular (religion) history does not coincide with those claims. And that the “Whites” are still doing today what they did then; Which was claiming one thing and then doing another. This makes them (history’s) best known hypocrites and (liars). So there is a time span of 300 or 400 years between the Old and New Testaments, because (1): The “Hebrews” The (Phoenicians) were too scattered; Therefore there was little need for a prophet. (2): After the Septuagint, The Old (Testament) was compiled and published around 300 B.C. Any Biblical writings in B.C. after the King James Version would have to be an unauthorized edition, such as Bel and the dragon, the wisdom of Jesus, the Maccabees, the book of Barnabas, etc. And (3): There were many words and works that went on between 400 B. C. and 1 B.C., which the Pa Tama’-Hu ghost man did not want known; Such as the persecutions and atrocities that the Pa Tama’-Hu ghost-man used to eliminate Egiptian Pantheism before they finished it off around the time of “Jesus” (Yashu’a). When the New Testament was compiled, it began with God coming down to save the people, which is based on Genesis Chapter 2. The Greeks, Ionians, who mixed in with Adah, wife of Esau and his son of Jacob, had to create their own Gods. they took their seed and gave them a doctrine, which became Christianity, an offshoot of Hinduism. The books of Ezekiel and Daniel of the Old Testament were used to compile the books of Revelation. They took other books from the Old Testament and created a messiah image and god incarnated into flesh concept. They took this to the Gentiles who incorporated their own doctrine, which double enforced the spell of Enqi, “Sutukh” cast by Zuen, “Apophis”. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

Because in reorganizing Christianity after the so-called death of the three Jesus’s, Canaanites, the (Albinos) cursed seed had no proof of their stories, particularly the parts pertaining to immaculate conception. In John 7:42, the word “seed” in Greek is “sper-mah” John 7:42 – Did not the Scripture say that the Messiah will come out from the sperm of David and from the village of Bethlehem where David was? “Right” (Translation) in Greek by: Neter- A’aferti Atum-Re (Mistranslation) for King James 1611 A. D. Hath not the Scripture said that Christ cometh out of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was? The added word of “Christ” in King James Version Bibles is plainly a deception to conceal the truth about the true Messiah identity. Canaanites, the (Albinos) cursed seed had no proof of how did Mary get pregnant. They also had no proof of the resurrection of “Jesus” (Yashu’a). The reorganizers of Christism could not bring out the parts about the “immaculate conception” and resurrection until scores of years after the so-called death of “Jesus” (Yashu”a), because the people living in his time, and for years after, knew better. Therefore, they could not publish with success these additions to the story about “Jesus” (Yashu’a) until the people who knew better had died out; and certain parts of the true story had been concealed. It was not until around 325 A.D. that the Council of Nicea that reorganized Christianity really began to flourish in the form that you know it today. The new concepts called “Immaculate Conception” and Resurrection had been added by that time, and all three Jesus’s became one person in three, called the trinity. The earlier forms of Christianity, such as the beginning of the book of John, did not have the later ideas called the “immaculate – story. Christianity before that based on the 3 Jesus’s of 2,000 years ago broke out around 500 or 600 B.C. during when the Phoenicians power of Nod or Lebanon, began to dwindle, and Pa Tama’-Hu ghost man, (Albinos) cursed seed power begin to increase. These earlier forms of Christianity started with Greek philosophies such as Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, ect., who received their knowledge from the Egiptian Mystery system that was headed by Egiptian Waabaat “Priest”, Prophets and other mystic men. Of course, the first and earliest form of Christianity started with Cain.”Truth” Is “Truth” (Always) By Atum-Re

37/HPP – (2) The beginning of the loss of Nuwaupian or Black, rule, freedom and independence, was when the Egiptians let the Greeks and others into their mystery system from which they obtained vast knowledge, secrets, and activated names of Supreme Beings, gods and goddesses. The Egiptians had what was called lesser mysteries and also greater mysteries. The original Phoenicians (Later-Day Egiptians) took the Pa Heka-khasut into their confidence, and that was the beginning of the end of Tama-Reye “Egiptian” power and rule. Today they are called Ros-i-cru-cians (Rosicrucians). Freemasons, Astara, ect. The Heka Khasut pushed in slowly and took over the Police department and eventually took over to rule. Alexander the Greek, being a Greek with dark eyes and hair fell within the restriction of the immigration laws granted by Khufu “Cheops”, so he was a member of the Egiptian Mystery System, and by the time he came on the scene around 333 B.C., the way was clear for just about anything the Heka-Khasut wanted to put forth. This is why Alexander was able to march (Unopposed) into Egipt, Eastern and Northern Africa, and else where. Although Alexander had sworn his alliance and allegiance to the goals of the Egiptian Mystery System of which he was a member. He was also a member of a vast clandestine spy system of Pa Heka-Khasut whose aim was to deceive and deprive the Original Phoenicians, Blacks, of their ruling power and independence. Today they are called the C.I.A. and K.G.B., etc. The first member of the spy ring to join the mystery system was the first Tama’-Hu, a Greek, accepted into the mystery system. Because of the nature of the Pa Tama-‘Hu ghost man to deceive and spy on darker people, was the key that opened and cleared the way for Alexander’s march. Once the Tama-‘Hu seed were admitted into the mysteries of Tama-Re “Egipt”, of course, the power they received would be used for negative purposes or would turn negative like the Tama-‘Hu ghost-man (Albinos) cursed seed were, and that negative power was enough to make their spy system successful by the help of the Tama’-Hu women, and some of the Nubian Phoenicians, Blacks, themselves, who were spellbound by Apophis, making them” Black Devils”, who helped them (Albinos) cursed seed to destroy their own people. Alexander, a Greek, was falsely built up as a great conqueror, but he was a fake who the Tama’-Hu spy system chose to take bows for the work the spy system had done. However, most Greek philosophers and members of the spy system who were members of the Egiptian mystery system, met with ill-fate for their deceit and broken vows to the laws of the Egiptian mystery system. The philosophy they taught was from darker people, and was foreign to their people, and their people were afraid of it at first. Teachers of the new philosophy who were not put to death, died in shame and disgrace, including Alexander, who died of drunkenness at the early age of 32. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

38/HPP – (2) THE ALEXANDRIAN CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS IN “TAMA-RE” “EGIPT” That started around 300 B.C. and were named in honor of Alexander the Great, produced such early Christians and reformed Jews as the stoics, Gnostics, Essenes, Zealots and others who lasted until the advent of Jesus – son of Mary and for a time after, but the Essenes (Who were also called Zealots) and some others became a part of Jesus – son of Mary followers. Subsequently, the three gospels, (first three books) at the beginning of the New Testament, had no factual backing when the (Immaculate Conception) and (Resurrection Concepts) were organized and became doctrine prior to the Council of Nicea (325 A.D.). Therefore, the organizers at the council decided to publish three similar books and proclaim those the three eye witnesses: Matthew, written in the year 51 A.D. in Palestine. Mark, written in the year 60-65 A.D. in Rome. And Luke, written in the year 56-58 A.D. in Caesarea. The book of John was written to clear up this mess in the year 98 A.D. in Ephesus. Matthew, Mark and Luke had no contact with each other when they wrote their books in 4 different places at different times. This, plus the similarities among the four books were suppose to prove the gospels. But that is no proof, because (1): There would have to be further proof of the four eye witnesses who had no contact with each other and who wrote their books in different places at different times. Therefore (2): Three of the books were produced from the original one, the book of John. Of the four, or all four came from a fifth book, The Holy Tablets. So it’s very easy to make all of your prophecies about your Jesus look true. You just copy them from the Holy Tablets, saying look, there it is. Then you have the book of Barnabas, which most of the public has never seen. It tells that “Jesus”, (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago, was not crucified on any cross. In other words, you could be told anything after those who knew the true story died out, or were put to death. The Tama’-Hu (ghost) man’s title of the Bible is Holy Bible, which is a copy of the fabricated “Babylonian Text”, as previously stated. But the universal title of the Bible is the book of the dead. Because it is from the dead, and is about the dead, and is for the dead; The physical and mental dead. This is why we see the same symbol on the church, house of the mental dead, that you see in the cemetery; A place of the physical dead. The symbol to which I refer is the cross, the sign of the dead physically and mentally. “Truth” Is “Truth” BY Atum-Re

39/HPP – (2) “Cross” is a word that refers to (Crescent). Symbolic of ENQI. Who is Equivalent in Egipt to SUTUKH. Who ruled Pa Ta “The Earth”; Before his brother ENLIL. Who is equivalent in Egipt to ASARU. That was sent by their Father “ANU”. To take over the Rulership of Ta “Earth”, in the Sumerian Doctrine. The crescent refers to the moon- a dead universal body which supports and multiplies the physical and mental dead and their forces on the planet Earth. The Egiptian book of the pyramids, the cemetery, and the book of the dead (The Bible) were magnified by TEHUTI, sometimes called THOTH or HERMES TRISMEGISTUS, also known as Anubis- the jackal dog of the dead. Read dog backwards (in dyslexia) and you get god. The only way such false concepts as “immaculate conception”, physical resurrection of their Jesus, and ascension were able to take roots and grow in the first place, is because it was the time and season for such fabrications. There’s no such thing as “immaculate conception” as you know it – that is spookism. It was an experiment performed by the ELOHEEM who were scientists that pro-created beings through in vitro fertilization, which in your terms would be considered “Test Tube Babies”. So this kills the spookism theory. Christianity as you know it today, took roots at the Nicean Council of 325 A.D., and other councils since then, including the council of Chalcedony 451 A.D.. Chalcedony is the 4th ecumenical council. Ecumenical is the council of church authorities accepted by the church as official. the councils of Nicea and Chalcedony are two ecumenical councils reorganized by the Roman Catholics. The etymological meaning of the word “Gospel” is ghost-spell or spell of the ghost; Meaning: spell of god. Ghost works by spell or fascination and is therefore spell-binding. While 9-Ether works by reason through Knowledge, Wisdom and Overstanding. If I am running after the image of other than self and kind, I cannot imagine self and kind as being anything. So they cannot allow any positive Black Images, in the highest positions in this society. Those that are there have something wrong with their characters, and if they don’t have anything corrupt, they will make up something and character assassinate them. So the accusation is always in the back of your mind even if that person is cleared of whatever charges. It is a well thought out plan. What is presented in this booklet called RIGHT KNOWLEDGE Scroll, discloses part of the (True History) of the Bible, little known or unknown to wooly-haired people. “DISCLOSURE” of the true history of the Bible is “KNOWLEDGE”, and that “KNOWLEDGE” helps to destroy ignorance of the oppressed and helps to open the escape route to liberty and equality by the mental process and progress.
“Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

“Protestant” means “one who protests”, meaning religiously. One who protests the established order of belief or decorum (order) or both. The order of belief and decorum for the time, (1520 A.D.) in Europe which reference is now made to as Catholicism. The etymological meanings of the words “Catholicism and Pantheism” are the same in the sense that they both refer to the statue of a huge cat with a King’s head at Giza, Egipt. The huge cat called the Sphinx at Giza, Egipt, symbolizes the Lion of Judah, which is Jupiter, also called Zeus. Remember, all Greek and Roman Gods were originally Phoenician- Hindu Gods. Literally the word Catholic means “Cat-Holy” or “Holy Cat”. Of course, Catholicism and Protestantism and their many branches and denominations are all Christianity called Christendom; Is The Canaanites, “Cursed” (Albinos) seed White People (Europeans) spiritual world. According to history, Martin Luther, a German Monk, and John Calvin were leaders who spearheaded the break from Catholicism. This was called the reformation. Out of the reformation movements, came Protestantism which represented looser religious practices and less religious discipline. The want for less religious discipline is one of the main causes of the reformation in Germany, France, England and other European countries. Less strictness in religious practices meant that there could be separation of church / The National Religion of a Country and State, The Government Of A Country. Thereby, under Protestantism, the national religion of a country could pretend to represent one thing while the government of that same country represent another thing, and this opened the way for greater deception and hoodwinking (underhandedness) by Christian rulers, that is, Caucasian rulers. For instance, if there was no separation of church and state in the United States, the oppressed would know that it is the oppressor’s religion and spirit forces thereof helping the oppressor to keep the oppressed ignorant and captive even more so than the oppressor’s politics and other systems, because the policy of that state would openly be the policy of the church and vice verses. But the separation scheme helps to keep the oppressed masses deceived about the enmity of the slave master’s god against the captives. However, in recent years it has been made very clear that the slave master’s religion is as racist as his politics and other parts of his oppressive system. It should be pointed out right here, however, there is nothing wrong with right racism. In fact, everything is right with it. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re


Right racism preserves the races. There is no other way to preserve the purity of the races but by right racism. The Tama’-Hu (Cursed seed Albinos) practices wrong racism, that is, one-sided racism. Right racism is a symptom of race pride and intelligence. Right racism is racism practiced on equal terms; and to practice racism equally, a race must have equal things, beginning with equal universal knowledge. This means being pro yourself, pro your race; but not being against or hating another. It is ironical and hypocritical that the very ones who introduced racism, as you know it today, in the world, are the ones who practices wrong racism to extremes and are the very ones who tells us now that racism is devilish. To the Tama’-Hu (cursed seed Albinos) it means that racism is devilish when it is practiced by others, toward themselves; because when others practice it, it means that Caucasian males: (1) WOULD NOT abuse, misuse, rape and ravish women of other races at will and nothing be done about it. (2) WOULD NOT be able to “mongrelize” and “leopardize”, “genocide” by miscegenation, other races. Miscegenation means sex between a man and a woman of different races. (3) WOULD NOT be able to religiously spellbind and sexually stigmatize the bodies and minds of women of other races, and use those women against the men of the women’s race. In other words, right racism prevents Tama’-Hu men from using the women of another race against their own men of the same race. Remember, right racism is the only way to preserve the purity of the races and keep the peace among the races. Many darker people, especially Blacks, do not realize that the spirit forces that empower the Bible are more racist than the Tama’-Hu show them to be. By this I mean, different races turn against each other, and even those of the same race turned against each other. Protestantism made it easier for them and other races to practice wrong racism on woolly-haired people. The schism called protestantism cause a great influx of European heretics (Disbelievers) and jailbirds to migrate to America. Because Catholicism demanded too much discipline, law, and order. Soon after that influx of separatists and jailbirds from Europe, slavery started in the Americas and surrounding islands and territories thereof. “Truth” Is “Truth” (Always) By Atum-Re

42/HPP – (2) In 1520 A.D. the time when Martin Luther was excommunicated, from the Catholic church by Pope Leo, X, Catholicism controlled the church and state. In other words, it controlled the establishment of the country where it had jurisdiction. So Protestantism sprang from Catholicism in the 16th century around (1520 A.D.) by heresy (Disbelief). Catholicism is the mother of all Christendom and all Christian faiths and denominations, as it exists today. Unfortunately, Protestantism provides and allows separation of church and state, and this means that the masses are allowed to do their own Biblical interpretations, instead of leaving interpretations to the head of the church. Also, people are free to practice their own evil wills and ways upon self and others without any real religious penalties or punishment. Nevertheless Christism “Christianity” and Mosesism “Jewism” in all their forms and practices, are religions of and for the Tama’-Hu (cursed seed Albinos) race; not in favor of woolly-haired people. According to history, the Bible was not completely translated into English until around 1610 – 11 A.D. and various English versions were produced since the first English translation. Therefore, the Bible, Old and New Testaments are nothing like the original writings, which the present Bible is supposed to represent. In ancient times, laymen were not allowed to interpret spiritual writings, because (1) There would be different interpretations which would confused the people. (2) Different interpretations would not only be confusing, but also false- the layman not knowing spiritual lingo, and (3) Individual interpretation by the masses would open the way for religious profiteering, exploitation, malice, and division, and there are other reasons why spiritual interpretations by the masses are undesirable and detrimental. Protestantism opened the way for all the foregoing detriments. The schism called Protestantism is an outlaw from Catholicism. In other words, Protestantism is a result of spiritual lawlessness against Catholicism, just as the United States of America is a result of political lawlessness against England, and all your churches today which includes Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists, Born again Christians, Spiritual Baptists and all others. In ancient times, once done, spiritual writings were never altered or revised. If there was something to be added or brought up to date, it would be at the end of the book and labeled properly as such. Altering or revising a Holy Book means that it was not right in the first place, or someone want to deceive or mislead somebody into his own selfish way, such as exploitation, oppression, and slavery, which took place in America after the Protestantism (Protestants) reformation. In ancient times, the masses were kept up to date with current periodic writings already fully interpreted. The masses were not constantly taught about pass events, except as history. They were not taught to live in the pass. The masses were always taught that they should say and do for their well-being as of the present. Because what was alright for the pass, may be all wrong for the present, depending on the issues in question or at hand, and the surrounding circumstances. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re.






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