The Words Of Truth In The Holy Bible Of The Scriptures Of Truth Are Now Being Reveal By Me, The Son Of Man; High Priest In The Order Of Melchizedek, Forever.
1st Timothy 6: verse 15, “Which In his times, he shall show who is the blessed and only Potentate, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

The truth is being reveal about who is the True King of Kings and Lord of Lords; The Grand Al Mufti “Divan” Imperial Grand Potentate Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33 / 720 “As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi” Of The International Supreme Council Of Shriners, Inc. Head of The Council Of 9, The Grand Mufti Of Shrinedom, A Direct Descendant Of The Prophet Muhammad Of Arabia through The Mahdi Of Nubia, The Sudan. Truth Is Truth. Let’s Set The Record Straight By ILL: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33/720 The Nuwaupian International Grand Lodge, Inc. Of Freemasonry Supreme Grand Hierophant Amunnebu Reakh Tah Of the Ancient Egiptian Order Of The World.

People Of “Re”

‘Walk’ in the (Light) of the (Sun), As if all can see you at all times. ‘Bathe’ in the (Light) of the (Sun) as if it can, as it does, ‘heal’ all things. Take each ‘step’ in Its (warmth) as if the (Sun) is your True ‘loving’ parent, and think of it as the (Source) of all ‘life’; as We all know it is. For without the (Sun) there would be no life, as we know it. This we all know.
(Truth Is Truth) By Atum-Re

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HPP – (2) In 1520 A.D. the time when Martin Luther was excommunicated, from the Catholic church by Pope Leo, X, Catholicism controlled the church and state. In other words, it controlled the establishment of the country where it had jurisdiction. So Protestantism sprang from Catholicism in the 16th century around (1520 A.D.) by heresy (Disbelief). Catholicism is the mother of all Christendom and all Christian faiths and denominations, as it exists today. Unfortunately, Protestantism provides and allows separation of church and state, and this means that the masses are allowed to do their own Biblical interpretations, instead of leaving interpretations to the head of the church. Also, people are free to practice their own evil wills and ways upon self and others without any real religious penalties or punishment. Nevertheless Christism “Christianity” and Mosesism “Jewism” in all their forms and practices, are (Religions) of and for the Tama’-Hu cursed seed (Albinos) race; Not in favor of woolly-haired people. According to history; The Bible was not completely translated into English until around 1610 – 11 A.D. And various English Versions were produced since the first English Translation. Therefore, the Bible; Old and New Testaments are nothing like the original writings, which the present Bible is supposed to represent. In ancient times, laymen were not allowed to interpret spiritual writings, because: (1)- There would be different interpretations which would confused the people. (2)- Different interpretations would not only be confusing, but also false- the layman not knowing spiritual lingo, and (3)- Individual interpretation by the masses would open the way for religious profiteering, exploitation, malice, and division, and there are other reasons why spiritual interpretations by the masses are undesirable and detrimental. Protestantism opened the way for all the foregoing detriments. The schism called Protestantism is an outlaw from Catholicism. In other words, Protestantism is a result of spiritual lawlessness against Catholicism; Just as the United States of America is a result of political lawlessness against England, and all your churches today which includes Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists, Born again Christians, Spiritual Baptists and all others. In ancient times, once done, spiritual writings were never altered or revised. If there was something to be added or brought up to date, it would be at the end of the book and labeled properly as such. Altering or revising a Holy Book means that it was not right in the first place, or someone want to deceive or mislead somebody into his own selfish way, such as exploitation, oppression, and slavery, which took place in America after the Protestantism (Protestants) reformation. In ancient times, the masses were kept up to date with current periodic writings already fully interpreted. The masses were not constantly taught about pass events, except as history. They were not taught to live in the pass. The masses were always taught that they should say and do for their well-being as of the present. Because what was alright for the pass, may be all wrong for the present, depending on the issues in question or at hand, and the surrounding circumstances. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re.

HPP – (2) WHAT IS RIGHT RACISM? Answered By: Atum-Re
Right racism preserves the races. There is no other way to preserve the purity of the races but by right racism. The Tama’-Hu cursed seed (Albinos) practices wrong racism, that is, one-sided racism. Right racism is a symptom of race pride and intelligence. Right racism is racism practiced on equal terms; and to practice racism equally, a race must have equal things, beginning with equal universal knowledge. This means being pro yourself, pro your race; but not being against or hating another. It is ironical and hypocritical that the very ones who introduced racism, as you know it today, in the world, are the ones who practices wrong racism to extremes and are the very ones who tells us now that racism is devilish. To the Tama’-Hu cursed seed (Albinos) it means that racism is devilish when it is practiced by others, toward themselves; Because when others practice it, it means that Caucasian males: (1)- WOULD NOT abuse, misuse, rape and ravish women of other races at will and nothing be done about it. (2)- WOULD NOT be able to “mongrelize” and “leopardize”, (genocide) by (miscegenation), other races. Miscegenation means sex between a man and a woman of different races. (3)- WOULD NOT be able to religiously spellbind and sexually stigmatize the bodies and minds of women of other races, and use those women against the men of the women’s race. In other words, right racism prevents Tama’-Hu men from using the women of another race against their own men of the same race. Remember, right racism is the only way to preserve the purity of the races and keep the peace among the races. Many darker people, especially Blacks, do not realize that the spirit forces that empower the Bible are more racist than the Tama’-Hu show them to be. By this I mean, different races turn against each other, and even those of the same race turned against each other. Protestantism made it easier for them and other races to practice wrong racism on woolly-haired people. The schism called Protestantism cause a great influx of European heretics (Disbelievers) and jailbirds to migrate to America. Because Catholicism demanded too much discipline, law, and order. Soon after that influx of separatists and jailbirds from Europe, slavery started in the Americas and surrounding islands and territories thereof. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

“Protestant” means: “One who protests”, meaning religiously. One who protests the established order of belief or decorum (order) or both. The order of belief and decorum for the time, (1520 A.D.) in Europe which reference is now made to as Catholicism. The etymological meanings of the words “Catholicism” and “Pantheism” are the same in the sense that they both refer to the statue of a huge cat with a King’s head at Giza, Egipt. The huge cat called the Sphinx at Giza, Egipt, symbolizes the Lion of Judah, which is Jupiter, also called Zeus. Remember; All Greek and Roman Gods were originally Phoenician – Hindu Gods. Literally, the word “Catholic” means: “Cat-Holy” or “Holy Cat”. Of course, Catholicism and Protestantism and their many branches and denominations are all Christianity called Christendom; The Canaanites, cursed seed (Albinos) “White People” (Europeans) spiritual world. According to history, Martin Luther, a German Monk, and John Calvin were leaders who spearheaded the break from Catholicism. This was called the reformation. Out of the reformation movements, came Protestantism which represented looser religious practices and less religious discipline. The want for less religious discipline is one of the main causes of the reformation in Germany, France, England and other European countries. Less strictness in religious practices meant that there could be separation of church. The National Religion Of A Country and State; The Government Of A Country. Thereby, under Protestantism; The national religion of a country could pretend to represent one thing while the government of that same country represent another thing, and this opened the way for greater deception and hoodwinking (Underhandedness) by Christian rulers, that is, Caucasian rulers. For instance; If there was no separation of church and state in the United States, the oppressed would know that it is the oppressor’s religion and spirit forces thereof helping the oppressor to keep the oppressed ignorant and captive even more so than the oppressor’s politics and other systems; Because the policy of that state would openly be the policy of the church and vice versa. But the separation scheme helps to keep the oppressed masses deceived about the enmity of the slave master’s god against the captives. However, in recent years it has been made very clear that the slave master’s religion is as racist as his politics and other parts of his oppressive system. It should be pointed out right here, however, there is nothing wrong with right racism. In fact, everything is right with it. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

HPP – (2) “Cross” is a word that refers to crescent symbolic of ENQI, Equivalent in Egipt to SUTUKH, who ruled Pa Ta “The Earth” before his brother ENLIL, equivalent in Egipt to ASARU was sent by their Father, ANU to take over the Rulership, of Ta “Earth” in the Sumerian Doctrine. The crescent refers to the moon- a dead universal body which supports and multiplies the physical and mental dead and their forces on the planet Earth. The Egiptian book of the pyramids, the cemetery, and the book of the dead (The Bible) were magnified by TEHUTI, sometimes called THOTH or HERMES TRISMEGISTUS, also known as Anubis- the jackal dog of the dead. Read (dog) backwards (in dyslexia) and you get (god). The only way such false concepts as “Immaculate” (Conception), physical resurrection of their Jesus, and ascension were able to take roots and grow in the first place; Is because it was the time and season for such fabrications. There’s no such thing as “Immaculate” (Conception) as you know it; That is ‘Spookism’. It was an experiment performed by the ELOHEEM who were scientists that pro-created beings through in vitro fertilization, which in your terms would be considered “Test Tube Babies”. So this kills the ‘Spookism’ theory. Christianity as you know it today, took roots at the council of Nicaea (325 A.D.), and other councils since then, including the council of Chalcedony (451 A.D.). Chalcedony is the 4th ecumenical council. Ecumenical is the council of church authorities accepted by the church as official. The councils of Nicaea and Chalcedony are two ecumenical councils reorganized by the Roman Catholics. The etymological meaning of the word “Gospel” is ghost spell or spell of the ghost, meaning spell of god. Ghost works by spell or fascination and is therefore spellbinding. While 9-Ether works by reason through Knowledge, Wisdom and Overstanding. If I am running after the image of other than self and kind, I cannot imagine self and kind as being anything. So they cannot allow any positive Black Images, in the highest positions in this society. Those that are there have something wrong with their characters, and if they don’t have anything corrupt, they will make up something and character assassinate them. So the accusation is always in the back of your mind even if that person is cleared of whatever charges. It is a well thought out plan. What is presented in this booklet called RIGHT KNOWLEDGE Scroll, discloses part of the (True History) of the Bible, little known or unknown to wooly-haired people. “DISCLOSURE” of the true history of the Bible is “KNOWLEDGE”, and that “KNOWLEDGE” helps to destroy ignorance of the oppressed and helps to open the escape route to liberty and equality by the mental process and progress.
“Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

HPP – (2) The Alexandrian Christian schools in Tama-Re “Egipt” that started around 300 B.C.and were named in honor of Alexander the Greek, produced such early Christians and reformed Jews as the Stoics, Gnostics, Essenes, Zealots, and others who lasted until the advent of “Jesus” (Yashu’a) son of Mary, and for atime after; But the Essenes who were also called “Zealots” and some others became a part of “Jesus” (Yashu’a) son of Mary followers. Subsequently, the three gospels: The first “three” books at the beginning of the New Testament had no factual backing when the Immaculate Conception and Resurrection concepts were organized and became doctrine prior to the Council of Nicaea (325 A.D.). Therefore the organizers at the council decided to publish three similar books and proclaim the three eyewitnesses: Matthew, written in the year 51 A.D. in Palestine. Mark, written in the years 60-65 A.D. in Rome. And Luke, written in the years 56-58 A.D. in Caesarea. The book of John was written to clear up this mess in the year 98 A.D., in Ephesus. Matthew, Mark and Luke had no contact with each other when they wrote their books in 4 different times. This, plus the similarities among the four books were supposed to prove the gospels. But that is no proof. Because: (1)- There would have to be further proof of the four eyewitnesses who had no contact with each other and who wrote their books in different places at different times. Therefore: (2)- Three of the books were produced from the original one, the book of John. Of the four, all four came from a fifth book, THE HOLY TABLETS. So it’s very easy to make all of your prophecies about your Jesus look true. You just copied them from THE HOLY TABLETS, saying look, there it is. Then you have the book of Barnabas which most of the public has never seen. It tells that “Jesus” (Yashu’a) of 2,000 years ago was not crucified on any cross. In other words, You could be told anything after those who knew the true story died out or were put to death. The Tama’-Hu ghost man’s cursed seed (Albinos) title of the Bible is “Holy Bible”, which is a copy of the fabricated “BABYLONIA” text, as previously stated. But the universal title of the Bible is the “book of the dead”; because it is from the dead, and is about the dead, and is for the dead, the physical and mental dead. This is why we see the same symbol on the church, house of the mental dead, that we also see in the cemetery, a place of the physical dead; the symbol to which I refer is the “cross”, the sign of the dead-physically and mentally. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

HPP – (2) The beginning of the loss of Nuwaupian or Black, rule, freedom and independence, was when the Egiptians let the Greeks and others into their mystery system from which they obtained vast knowledge, secrets, and activated names of Supreme Beings, gods and goddesses. The Egiptians had what was called lesser mysteries and also greater mysteries. The original Phoenicians (Later-Day Egiptians) took the Pa Heka-khasut into their confidence, and that was the beginning of the end of Tama-Reye “Egiptian” power and rule. Today they are called Ros-i-cru-cians (Rosicrucians). Freemasons, Astara, ect. The Heka Khasut pushed in slowly and took over the Police department and eventually took over to rule. Alexander the Greek, being a Greek with dark eyes and hair fell within the restriction of the immigration laws granted by Khufu “Cheops”, so he was a member of the Egiptian Mystery System, and by the time he came on the scene around 333 B.C., the way was clear for just about anything the Heka-Khasut wanted to put forth. This is why Alexander was able to march (Unopposed) into Egipt, Eastern and Northern Africa, and else where. Although Alexander had sworn his alliance and allegiance to the goals of the Egiptian Mystery System of which he was a member. He was also a member of a vast clandestine spy system of Pa Heka-Khasut whose aim was to deceive and deprive the Original Phoenicians, Blacks, of their ruling power and independence. Today they are called the C.I.A. and K.G.B., etc. The first member of the spy ring to join the mystery system was the first Tama’-Hu, a Greek, accepted into the mystery system. Because of the nature of the Pa Tama-’Hu ghost man to deceive and spy on darker people, was the key that opened and cleared the way for Alexander’s march. Once the Tama-’Hu seed were admitted into the mysteries of Tama-Re “Egipt”, of course, the power they received would be used for negative purposes or would turn negative like the Tama-’Hu cursed seed (Albinos) were, and that negative power was enough to make their spy system successful by the help of the Tama’-Hu women, and some of the Nubian Phoenicians, Blacks, themselves, who were spellbound by Apophis, making them” Black Devils”, who helped them cursed seed (Albinos) to destroy their own people. Alexander, a Greek, was falsely built up as a great conqueror, but he was a fake who the Tama’-Hu spy system chose to take bows for the work the spy system had done. However, most Greek philosophers and members of the spy system who were members of the Egiptian mystery system, met with ill-fate for their deceit and broken vows to the laws of the Egiptian mystery system. The philosophy they taught was from darker people, and was foreign to their people, and their people were afraid of it at first. Teachers of the new philosophy who were not put to death, died in shame and disgrace, including Alexander, who died of drunkenness at the early age of 32. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

Because in reorganizing Christianity after the so-called death of the three Jesus’s, the Canaanites cursed seed (Albinos) had no proof of their stories, particularly the parts pertaining to immaculate conception. In John Chapter 7:42, the word “seed” in Greek is “sper-mah” John 7:42 – Did not the Scripture say that the Messiah will come out from the sperm of David and from the village of Bethlehem where David was? “Right” (Translation) in Greek by: Neter- A’aferti Atum-Re (Mistranslation) for King James 1611 A. D. Hath not the Scripture said that Christ cometh out of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was? The added word of “Christ” in King James Version Bibles is plainly a deception to conceal the truth about the true Messiah identity. The Canaanites cursed seed (Albinos) had no proof of how did Mary get pregnant. They also had no proof of the resurrection of “Jesus” (Yashu’a). The reorganizers of Christism could not bring out the parts about the “Immaculate” (Conception) and resurrection until scores of years after the so-called death of “Jesus” (Yashu”a), because the people living in his time, and for years after, knew better. Therefore, they could not publish with success these additions to the story about “Jesus” (Yashu’a) until the people who knew better had died out; and certain parts of the true story had been concealed. It was not until around 325 A.D. that the Council of Nicaea that reorganized Christianity really began to flourish in the form that you know it today. The new concepts called “Immaculate” (Conception) and Resurrection had been added by that time, and all three Jesus’s became one person in three, called the trinity. The earlier forms of Christianity, such as the beginning of the book of John, did not have the later ideas called the “immaculate – story. Christianity before that based on the 3 Jesus’s of 2,000 years ago broke out around 500 or 600 B.C. during when the Phoenicians power of Nod or Lebanon, began to dwindle, and Pa Tama’-Hu ghost man, cursed seed (Albinos), power begin to increase. These earlier forms of Christianity started with Greek philosophies such as Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, ect., who received their knowledge from the Egiptian Mystery system that was headed by Egiptian Waabaat “Priest”, Prophets and other mystic men. Of course, the first and earliest form of Christianity started with Cain.”Truth Is ‘Truth By Atum-Re

HPP – (2) Along with the testimonies of other people, they yielded the rest of the Old Testament; like the Patriach Ezekiel, who tried to tell about the ELOHEEM that he saw, but you do not see this. The so-called Jews further distorted the Bible by the Talmud and the Mishnah. The Nubians that lived in these regions who were controlled by the Pa Tama’-Hu ghost man, were forced to accept the Canaanites new version of Christianity, Matthew 23:15, which came out of the Alexandrian schools of Egipt around 300 B.C. It was mixed with the Hindu doctrine because it is partly based on the belief in reincarnation and “god” incarnated into flesh. The Hindus brought Seh “religion” to the planet Ta “Earth” 17 million 250 thousand years ago with the first ‘Moon’ cycle. The Septuagint; The “Greek” (Version) of the Old Testament from which came the “Latin” and “English” (Versions) was compiled (Collected) after Alexandrian The Great, the Greek marched unopposed into Tama-Re, “Egipt” and Northern Africa around 333 B.C. The Septuagint was published several decades later around 300 B.C., and this mean that the so-called Jews did not have an organized Bible until the Greek version was compiled, for they had been using various scrolls and parchments for their religious rituals and rites. Moreover, the Jews were well schooled in the Kabala system – a system of mystery words and secrets that were passed down secretly by word of mouth, from father to son and mother to daughter, but never put in writing. The Kabala was their book of devil worship. There have been many versions and revisions of the Septuagint or the Old Testament, since its compilation and publication around 300 B.C. The 70 and 72 emissaries from Jerusalem who were supposed to be the ones who compiled the Old Testament, were the people who were persuaded to change the writings to suit the purposes of the Pa Tama’-Hu ghost rulers. At the time of the advent of “Jesus” (Yashu’a), apparently the Jews had not yet claimed the Ethiopian and the Phoenician bondage and captivities of the Old Testament as their own, as evidence by this written statement in John 8:33. They answered Yashu’a, we are of Abraham’s sperm and was never in slavery to any man, so how do you make this speech; you will become free? Right Translation in Greek by: Neter A’aferti Atum-Re. (Mistranslation) for King James 1611 A.D. They answered him, we be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man; how sayest thou, ye shall be made free? Jews and the other Canaanites, if given the opportunity in the future, will also claim the enslavement of the Nuwaupians as enslavement of the Egiptians as the enslavement of Jews. For instance, the 430 years bondage that is mentioned in the Torah involving the Israelities enslaved to the Egiptians, was actually the Egiptians bondage to the Heka Khasut-cursed seed (Albinos) Tama’-Hu (Canaanites), who took over Tama-Re “Egipt” and suppressed the original people for a time, until their, the Heka Khasut-”Captive Shepherd” exodus from Tama-Re “Egipt”, when they were being chased across the sands of the desert. Moreover, in reading the Bible, people make the mistake of concentrating too much on what god or Jesus is supposed to have said and too little emphasis on the other side of the argument, and through this error, people miss valuable information and eye-opening knowledge, which disproves many Biblical and Tama’-Hu “White” people claims, not only by words, but also by what actually took place before. Then, by what took place since, and what is taking place now. And other words, note that secular (Unreligionistic) history does not coincide with those claims, and that the “Whites” are still doing today what they did then, which was claiming one thing and then doing another. This makes them “history’s” best known (hypocrites) and (liars). So there is a time span of 300 or 400 years between the Old and New Testaments, because; (1) The “Hebrews” The (Phoenicians) were too scattered; Therefore there was little need for a prophet. (2) After the Septuagint; The (Old Testament) was compiled and published around 300 B.C. Any Biblical writings in B.C. after the King James Version would have to be an unauthorized edition, such as Bel and the dragon, the wisdom of Jesus, the Maccabees, the book of Barnabas, etc. And (3) There were many words and works that went on between 400 B. C. and 1 B.C., which the Pa Tama’-Hu ghost man did not want known, such as the persecutions and atrocities Pa Tama’-Hu ghost man used to eliminate Egiptian Pantheism before they finished it off around the time of “Jesus” (Yashu’a). When the New Testament was compiled, it began with God coming down to save the people, which is based on Genesis Chapter 2. The Greeks, Ionians, who mixed in with Adah, wife of Esau and his son of Jacob, had to create their own Gods. they took their seed and gave them a doctrine, which became Christianity, an offshoot of Hinduism. The books of Ezekiel and Daniel of the Old Testament were used to compile the books of Revelation. They took other books from the Old Testament and created a messiah image and god incarnated into flesh concept. They took this to the Gentiles who incorporated their own doctrine, which double enforced the spell of Enqi, “Sutukh” cast by Zuen, “Apophis”. “Truth” Is “Truth” By Atum-Re

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