In the time of Moses, the children of Israel were not allowed to call on the “Creator” who is “ANU, ELYOWN ELYOWN EL” by his name because of their countless transgressions and disobedience to the laws of “ANU, ELYOWN ELYOWN EL”. Only the High Priest of the tribe of Levi knew the secret name of “ANU, ELYOWN ELYOWN EL”, which was said as HASHEM or ADONAI, or the ELOHEEM, which originally comes from the Ashuric Syriac (Arabic) expression- ALLAHUMMA. As a result of their many transgressions, the children of Israel had not called on the “Creator” by his name for such a long time, that they only knew how to call him ADONI, ADONAI. The so called Jews pronounce it as ADOSHEM, which derived from the Aramic Hebrew word HASHEM, the name of one of the triplets Shem, son of Noah and Naama who is mentioned in Genesis 5:32. ADONAI was mistakenly combined with YAHWEH when the Torah was recollected and recorded after the Babylonian Bondage. And later it was translated into Latin. YAHUWAH resulted in JOHOVAH, JEHOVAH which is a bad translation. For YHWH is not the original word. YHWH is a derivation of symbolic letters and the results of a misinterpretation from YAHUWA to JEHOVAH. In writing the name of the “Creator”, the letters YHWH used, since his name was considered sacred. And to be mentioned only in solemn prayer. YHWH represents the attributes of the “Creator”. Each of these letters bears a numerical value. For the purpose of pronunciation, vowels are added to make it YAHUWA. YOD = 10, HAI = 3, WAW = 6, HAI = 3. In Babylon, YAHUWA meant “YEH” Good and “WEH” Evil. There were 24 YAHWEH or ELDERS stated in the Bible. The head ELOHEEM is called YAHUWA or YAHWEH. Moses went up to the mountain and spoke with YAHUWA in Exodus 19:3. It states: Moses went up unto GOD (THE ELOHEEM) and the Lord (YAHUWA) called unto him out of the mountain; clearly making a distinction between ELOHEEM and YAHUWA. Also in Genesis 28:12 – 13, it states: And behold the Angels (MESSENGERS) of GOD (ELOHEEM) “Ascending and Descending” on it, and behold the Lord (YAHUWA) stood above it, and said; I am the Lord (YAHUWA) GOD (ELOHEEM). This quote is also making a distinction between the ELOHEEM and YAHUWA, the head of the ELOHEEM. The word for ELOHEEM – is “ANUNNAQI” which means – Those who “ANU” sent down from Heaven to Earth. They came from the skies to the planet Earth which was originally called Tiamat – meaning “Maiden of Life”; and was also referred to as Tamtu and Tiwawat, and Qi, Ki. (Always) “Truth” Is (Truth) “Yashu’a” El Masiyh

(2) The planet Earth was also called Terra, Orb, Arduwt or Ard. When the Greeks got hold of the word Qi, they changed it to Ge, where the word Geo comes from. The ANUNNAQI in the Bible are called ELOHEEM. They got their name ANUNNAQI when they were coming to Earth. The ANUNNAQI are a race of Supreme Beings. The word ANUNNAQI is used within the Ancient Tablets such as the Enuma Elish, the Gilgamesh Epics, etc. The word ELOHEEM means – “These Beings” or group of “ELOHS”. ELOHEEMS are Angels of EL, or (MESSENGERS) of (EL ELOH) who is “ANU” THE (CREATOR) THE “MOST HIGH-EL”
They are physical Angelic Beings. Not spooks or spirits or ghost. They are a host of Beings that do the work of EL, while on the planet Earth under an appointed Being; Then they are called El who is under AL or EL. The word “ELOHEEM” is found throughout the Torah and is falsely translated as GOD / God – god. (Always) “Truth” Is (Truth) “Yashu’a” El Masiyh

(3) The name ELOHEEM is used for both agreeable and disagreeable Beings, and even humans as in Exodus 7:1, when YAHUWA told Moses that he will make him an ELOHEEM for the Pharaoh. The ANUNNAQI, ELOHEEM originally came to the planet Earth to mine for natural resources for the protection of their planet Rizq which is the 8th planet in the 19th galaxy – ILLYUWN, which has three suns, Utu, Shamash and Apsu. The ANUNNAQI can be both “Tobe” or “Tayyib” – meaning “Agreeable or Benevolent Beings”, and “Rah” or Shariyr – meaning “Disagreeable or Malevolent Beings”. The Bible also called them “Nephilim”, meaning – “Those who fell down”, from the root word – Nafala, meaning “Supererogatory, Gift, Present, Performance, Beings Above, or a Gift Over and Above what is ask”. Each ELOHEEM is an ELOH, and when they are in a group, they are ELOHEEM. “Truth” Is (Truth) “Yashu’a” El Masiyh

The more recent translators of the Holy Scriptures have attempted to use the Scrolls – DEAD SEA SCROLLS OF THE ESSENE, to explain the New Testament. Some have tried to find in them the origins of ideas and dogmas in Christianity, for which they have no proof in the New Testament. In both these ventures, they have been unsuccessful. It is clear to see the distortions. The word “GOD”is composed of the initials of three Greek words: G-Gomer = Wisdom, O-Oz = Strength, D-Dabar = Beauty. These all describes human attributes and qualities. Can’t you see that by calling the “CREATOR” (GOD), you make him almost equal to a human? If you don’t believe that the word (GOD) is used interchangeable, then why in Psalms 82:6 does it states, and I quote; You are Gods? In (John 10:34) where “Jesus” (Yashu’a) replies and I quote; Is it not written in your law, I said, You are Gods? Thus the word God can become feminine and thus the equal of “GODS” are “GODDESSES” / “Truth” Is (Truth) “Yashu’a” El Masiyh,

(5) WHAT YOU SHOULD ASK IS, IS THERE A DIFFERENCE IN THE BIBLE BETWEEN THE BIG “G” (God) AND THE SMALL “g” (god) when referring to the “Creator”? No there is no difference. This concept was created so that the “ALMIGHTY GOD” COULD BE DISTINGUISHED FROM THE OTHER GODS OF THE BIBLE. You’ll see this in the King James Version of the Bible, the Standard or Jehovah Witness Bible, whether they are revised or not. If you open your Bible and turn to Genesis 6:5, there you’ll see “GOD” in all capital letters. Now turn to Genesis 1:1, and you’ll see “God” with only the first letter capitalized. Then go to Exodus 34:14, and you’ll see the word “god” again, this time with a small “g”. This concept may have developed from the grammatical use of the English language as stated in “Warriner’s English Grammar And Composition” Page 207. CAPITAL LETTERS INDICATED IMPORTANT WORDS – THE BEGINNING OF SENTENCES AND QUOTATIONS, TITLES, AND OTHER WORDS THAT WARRANT ATTENTION. This is not how “THE ALMIGHTY GOD” or any other “God” differentiated in it’s original language, Aramic (Hebrew) or Greek, because neither one of these languages use capital and small letters like the English Alphabets. So when translating your Scriptures into the English Language from the Hebrew and Greek Languages, the true meaning of the word “God” was lost. There is no big or small Yod, as in YAHWEH – LORD (Genesis 15:2). And the Greek Language doesn’t have a big or small THETA, as in “THEHOS” – GOD. They put a big “G” to trick you. Because they don’t really overstand “GOD” or the “GODS” of their own Bible. (Always) “Truth” Is (Truth) “Yashu’a” El Masiyh

(6) AND THIS DOESN’T EXCLUDE THE NEW TESTAMENT (MISTRANSLATION) WITH THE SMALL “g” gods of “Jesus” (Yashu’a) statement in John 10:34, and I quote: Is it not written in your law, I say you are gods (Thehos), and the Jews got mad. The Greek word didn’t change which was “Thehos”, just like the “ELOHEEM” in Hebrew didn’t change as shown in the quotes above. And I’m sure it is now very clear that the scholars who translated the Bible from it’s original language, the Old Testament Aramic (Hebrew) and the New Testament Greek, were very confused about the gods of their Scriptures, and now that confusion has been passed down to you without you being aware of it, because you rely on these English Translations. So I say this to your scholars: With all the Mistranslations and Confusion here, don’t use your big “G” – little “g” Methodology on me in the Scriptures, because I know that the Languages don’t do that. You don’t have any of that in the original language. Each word has it’s own meaning, and it doesn’t change because you make one letter smaller or bigger than the other. And they used the very same method for the word “Lord” which is also found in the most English Translated Versions of the Bible as I mentioned previously. (Always) “Truth” Is (Truth) “Yashu’a” El Masiyh

(7) “Truth” Is “Truth” Now I, the Son of Man, High Priest, in the Ancient & Mystic Order of Melchizedek, Forever; will tell you that which none of your preachers can about our “Creator” (ANU) THE (HIGHEST) “HE” WHO IS ABOVE – ALL IN ALL – For the (CREATOR) OF “EXISTENCE” IS THE (FOREVER-ETERNAL) EXISTING “SOURCE” HU – OF “EXISTENCE”. MEANING: (ANU) THE “MOST HIGH-EL” (EL ELOH) THE “SOURCE” HU – HAS ALWAYS EXISTED AND IS THE (ONLY) “TRUE” (REALITY) BEFORE THE WORD WAS SPOKEN IN “EXISTENCE” AND IS THE (ONLY) “ONE” WHO KNOWS, FROM WHAT POINT THINGS BEGIN TO BE CREATED AS HE WILL IT TO BE; THE “SOURCE” HU – “ANU” OF ALL IN ALL. EL’S HOLY TABLETS CHAPTER “7” TABLET “18” / I9 X 3 = (57) “FROM” THE UNREAL TO THE “REAL” ON Page 741 – OF THE LIVING SOUL & Page 742 “ULTIMATE” REALITY. THE ENGLISH HOLY BIBLE VERSION: THE BOOK OF (JOHN). In the beginning was the “WORD”. And the “WORD” was with GOD “CREATOR”. And the WORD was GOD “CREATOR”. The same was in the beginning with GOD “CREATOR”. All things were made by “HIM” CREATOR. And without “HIM” CREATOR, was not any thing made, that was made. In “HIM” CREATOR was LIFE. And the LIFE was the LIGHT of men. And the LIGHT shines in the darkness; And the darkness comprehended it not. There was a man sent from GOD “CREATOR”, whose name was John. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the LIGHT; That all men through him might believe. He was not that LIGHT. But was sent to bear witness of that LIGHT. That was the “TRUE” LIGHT, which LIGHTED every man that comes into the world. “HE” CREATOR was in the world, and the world was made by “HIM” CREATOR; And the world knew “HIM” CREATOR not. The true book of (JOHN) of the Son of Man; Is what was written with more than you have today, about the Son of Man. Yet the truth will be revealed about the liar Paul about Bar Jesus in Acts Chapter 13: Verse 6. That was his Jesus. Paul was like a C.I.A agent, for Rome. “Paul” has (no books) in the Bible. There are no Paul books, books of Paul. Because he was not one of the 12 disciples with “Jesus” who real name is “YASHU’A”. But he has put his own words in books of men who wrote about the times of that ERA of B.C. & A.D. only to empower himself to deceive and control the masses of people and wealth for the Romans as the authority of Christianity; As a F.B.I. / C.I.A. agent against the tribe of Judah, the true seed of descendants of the real Son of Man; “Yashu’a” El Masiyh (AKA) “Yashu’a” Ha Mashiakh, Your true (Messiah) Called (Jesus) “Truth” Is “Truth”.




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