To all of my beloved people: BLACK, DARK BROWN, OLIVE TONE AND LIGHT SKIN COLOR NUBIAN MOORS; This is a special summary of why it is so important to study in depth the “Truths” that are being “Reveal” to Wake-Up a sleeping people from the hypnotic spell of 6-ether forces of (666)-the Mark of the Beast(Leviathan)-the (Serpent)-the (Dragon) ‘Satan’, that had you all living in a state to ignore the facts of reality for 6,000 years of the “Moon” Cycle of the devil’s rule, which had ended in the year 2,000 with the coming in of the “Sun” Cycle, which is (Our) Cycle. For we are people of the “Sun”, the Original Beings of creation. For it is our time to rule our selves as (9-ether) Beings with / THE “RIGHT” KNOWLEDGE, THE “RIGHT” WISDOM AND THE “RIGHT” OVERSTANDING, WHICH WILL BE TAUGHT TO YOU IN THE (A.E.O.)- THE ANCIENT-EGIPTIAN-ORDER BY: (S.G.H.) SUPREME GRAND HIEROPHANT – “ATUM-RE”. For the Ending of this World and a new Beginning is coming with this new “Sun” Cycle. For this is your Visitation of “True” Light (Messengers) from “ANU”, THE “MOST HIGH-EL” EL ELOH; THE “SOURCE” -HU- “CREATOR” Of The Boundless Endless Universes Of Existence. For I am here by the “Will” of our Heavenly Holy Father to Set The Record Straight about the Truth and destroy all lies told by the white and black devils on this Planet now called Earth. For I am “Yashu’a” the Son of Man of prophesy in the Holy Bible of Matthew Chapter 24: Verses 27 & 28. For I Am, Was and Is; Who shall always be about my Heavenly Holy Father’s “Will” on Earth, as it is in the Heavens. For I am the Son of Man “Yashu’a” who speaks the Truth from the “Spirit” Of “Truth” of my HEAVENLY HOLY FATHER “ANU”, THE HEAVENLY ONE, “MOST HIGH-EL” EL ELOH; THE “SOURCE” -HU- “CREATOR” Of The Boundless Endless Universes Of Existence. For it is my Heavenly Holy Father “ANU” who Taught Me what to say to “HIS” children. For many of our people, “Nubians” Families, are in denial of their hateful Racist Enemies History and will not accept the Facts of Reality of these children of Satan as being his vessels of devilish evil spirits against us; The Black, Dark Brown, Olive Tone and Light skin color Nubian Moors, who are the Original Beings of creation. The True Universal God’s of this Earth, who came from the stars. Holy Bible Psalm Chapter 82:1 Thru 8 Verses. “God” stands in the congregation of the mighty; He judges among the Gods. How long will you judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Defend the poor and fatherless. Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy. Rid them out of the hands of the wicked. They know not; Neither will they understand. They walk on in darkness. All the foundations of the Earth, are out of course. For I have said, you are Gods; And all of you are the children of THE “MOST HIGH-EL”. But you shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Rise O – God’s. Judge the Earth. For thou shall inherit all nations. In the Holy Bible John Chapter 10:34 & 35 Verses; Is it not written in your law, I said you are Gods? If he called them Gods, unto whom the word of God came; And the Scriptures cannot be broken. The reason for me using the capitol letter “G” in the word God, is to show you the devil’s tricks in his languages, (Especially) English to deceive a many people. For the word “God” took the place of the True names of these beings who are the Eloheem / Anunnaqi, “Supreme” Beings, who came from the stars constellations to this planet Earth; Who are your Mothers and Fathers of your Great Ancestry tree of descendants from “ANU”, THE HEAVENLY ONE, OUR HOLY HEAVENLY FATHER / MOST HIGH (“EL”) EL ELOH; THE SOURCE -HU- “CREATOR” OF (ALL) IN (ALL) EXISTENCE. For that “God”- Who is the “LORD” OF HOST- Who name is “MALACHI”, standing in the congregation of the mighty and judges among the Gods, is now our SUPREME GRAND MASTER “TEACHER” Dr. Malachi Zodok York-El, “Sun” of “Righteousness” Atum-Re, who is the Ark Angel Michael-Melchizedek, in the book of Psalm Chapter 82: 1 thru 8 Verses. Let me “Warn” all who read these Truths that are written for my people by “True” Light (Messengers) from “ANU” THE HEAVENLY ONE, “MOST HIGH-EL” EL ELOH; THE (SOURCE). Cursed are all the people who will reject and take it upon themselves to interfere with these words of Truth to reach the “Creator’s” children. For you shall wish that you had never been born or existed. For I your true Messiah “Yashu’a” El Masiyh am the (WAY), the (TRUTH) and the (LIFE); The faithful Witness to the “Words” of OUR HOLY HEAVENLY FATHER “ANU”, THE HEAVENLY ONE, THE “HIGHEST”. HE WHO IS “ABOVE” (ALL) IN (ALL). “MOST HIGH-EL” EL ELOH; THE “SOURCE” OF EXISTENCE. For this is the time of “Harvest”, for the Separation of the Righteous from the Unrighteous. Bless are you Nubians who comes and work in THE “MOST HIGH-EL” Holy Tabernacle Ministries, of for and by each other, in Divine love of all. Although this Website is in a baby state of informing my people to wake-up to the love of self and kind; It will as it is, still invite my people to reject the lies of our enemies, especially their white racist supremacy religions and evil government system, to turn us against each other. Not to have our own businesses and culture way of living of for and by each other, in Divine Love of all. For what I am, “Yashu’a” The Son Of Man, and my beloved devoted “Angel”, Malachi Zodok York-El, are about; Is our people resurrection back to being Supreme Beings as the children of Righteousness of our “Most” Beloved CREATOR, OUR HOLY HEAVENLY FATHER “ANU” THE HEAVENLY ONE, THE HIGHEST. “MOST HIGH-EL” EL ELOH; THE “SOURCE” -HU-. NOW! Come, you all, my beloved Soulful People of the “Sun”. let us unite our beautiful Black, Dark Brown, Olive Tone and Light skin color Nubian Moors in “Divine” Love Who are the most gifted, talented Spirit-Soul Radiant Beings on Earth. We must defend our women and children in a new living way in purity / cleanliness in our “MOST HIGH-EL” Holy Tabernacle, of for and by each other, in Divine Love of all. “Yashu’a” as written: In Hosea Chapter 12:9. And I that am The Lord “Yahweh”, Thy God (Elohiym) from the land of “Egipt”; Will yet make thee to dwell in “Tabernacles” as in the days of the solemn feast. For I Am The Son Of Man, Your True (Messiah); Saying: “Truth” Is “Truth” By (TAMMUZ) “Yashu’a” El Masiyh (AKA) “Yashu’a” Ha Mashiakh, Called “Jesus” The (Savior)